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The story tells that there was once a little girl named Sophie. She had been living in an orphanage. One night, when the other children were sleeping, she was standing alone by the window. Suddenly, she saw a giant holding a large The giant also saw her. The giant was afraid that she would tell the secret and let people catch him, so he took Sophie to the giant country, and they became good friends.

However, there are still eight cannibal giants in the giant country, and they often bully good-hearted people. There is also a secret that good-hearted eyes will take Sophie to catch dreams at night, and after catching dreams, they will blow dreams with loudspeakers, so that people have all kinds of dreams. One day, they were almost caught by the eight bad giants, but fortunately Sophie was hiding in a car, and they wanted to eat Sophie. Later, Sophie and Kind Eye asked the Queen to send soldiers to exile the eight bad giants on an isolated island, where they were only allowed to grow big-nosed melons to eat, while Kind Eye lived happily in a garden, and no one was there anymore Bullying him, Sophie was taken in by the queen and lived happily in the palace

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The BFG quotes

  • [from trailer]

    Sophie: Never get out of the bed. Never go to the window. Never look behind the curtain.

    [Sophie does so, and spots a giant. She rushes back to bed, but the giant comes for her...]

    Sophie: And that is where our story begins...

  • Sophie: Where am I?

    The BFG: Giant Country!