This is a children's fantasy, please don't question it's not complicated enough from your "adult" eyes

Johnnie 2022-04-22 07:01:32

Today, I saw a cloud that looks like a kind-hearted giant to comment on this movie I watched a long time ago. I am surprised how the rating of this movie is so low! What's not good about it as a children's fantasy? It's okay to be childish! If you don't like this type of stuff, you can skip it! The picture is delicate, the story is simple, the human nature is beautiful, happy and interesting, and it is a movie that is very suitable for children and those who want to cleanse their souls. What's wrong with people now? Can't accept a simple fairy tale? In my heart, this is a children's fantasy movie with a score of 7-8. The reason for giving 5 stars is simply to improve the score

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The BFG quotes

  • The BFG: [from the trailer] Run, Sophie! Hide!

    [Sophie gets out of sight just in time, as the Man-Eating Giants surround the BFG]

    Fleshlumpeater: Does you have a little pet?

  • Sophie: What's in those jars?

    The BFG: Dreams.

    Sophie: Dreams aren't things!

    The BFG: Is that right?