The BFG 2016

Dorcas 2022-04-23 07:02:29

THE BFG=The Big Friendly Giant. A lonely little girl in an orphanage meets a big but friendly giant, from the beginning of defense to the end of the story of forming a deep friendship and fighting together.

The height difference between the little girl and the giant must be cute. The contrast of the giant's appearance giving people pressure but the heart giving people warmth must also be cute, but what I miss the most is the Queen's three corgis!

Children need fairy tales, but adults don't need fairy tales? Dream it, a fairy tale is a dream.

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The BFG quotes

  • The BFG: [from the trailer] Run, Sophie! Hide!

    [Sophie gets out of sight just in time, as the Man-Eating Giants surround the BFG]

    Fleshlumpeater: Does you have a little pet?

  • Sophie: What's in those jars?

    The BFG: Dreams.

    Sophie: Dreams aren't things!

    The BFG: Is that right?