Hugh Jackman, your No. 1 idol status is thus established!

Hubert 2022-04-19 09:01:55

Watching this movie is all about Hugh Jackman.

When I first heard about this movie in college, my friend told me that men in the 19th century were really gentlemen, but I didn't watch the movie at that time.

After watching Wolverine, I like Hugh Jackman very much. After watching his latest Oscar ceremony, he does have talent in addition to muscles. He is really talented~ Opera and dance are all professional.

I heard from another friend on Friday that falling in love with you through time and space is completely advertising your Otis elevator company. So take the time to watch this romantic drama with a very old-fashioned plot.

Overall, the story isn't worth watching, it's an old movie, and the plot is so cliché that you can't really guess what's going to happen next. . . But Hugh Jackman is on the other side entirely, Bricks! Incomparable brick!

Okay, a handsome, romantic, gentleman, tall, talented, brave, sexy Hugh Jackman, who can say no to you?

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Extended Reading
  • Uriah 2022-03-27 09:01:06

    Generally speaking, no matter how sophisticated the story is, the most important thing is that it should be touching. I don't think it's very impressive, so I don't recommend it.

  • Mark 2022-03-27 09:01:06

    Ah, Meg Ryan turned out to be so old at this time. The big problem with Sister Sweet is that it is not easy to transform. Although it is a bonus point for shut-up level crossing, the rhythm is still a bit slow...

Kate & Leopold quotes

  • [Talking to himself]

    Leopold: Ah Miss Blaine, you dance like a herd of cattle. You are a rare woman who lights up a room simply by leaving it!

  • Stuart: You of all people should understand, you're a scientist. I mean, you invented the elevator.

    Leopold: What is an elevator? What are you talking... Where the hell am I?

    Stuart: I told you, you haven't actually gone anywhere, you're still in New York.

    Leopold: That sir, is not New York!

    Kate: I'm afraid it is!