The most temperamental gentleman

Bailee 2022-04-19 09:01:55

Personally, I think hugh jackman is undoubtedly the highlight of this film.
Speaking of which, the most impressive thing in this piece was the cute dog. When Stewart fell off the elevator, his innocent appearance made him laugh on the spot.
Back to the topic, hugh jackman, hugh grant, colin firth, and Matthew Macfadyen are all very British-style uncles. Speaking of which, because Mao has such a temperament, they are all uncles?
hugh grant is more suitable for modern films, if it's ancient costumes, I'm fortunate to appreciate his "Sense and Sensibility", I really don't think so. Personally, I think he prefers comedy, and his performance in "Notting Hill" is okay, but it's a bit strange to be serious and arrogant.
The appreciation for Colin Firth comes from the fact that many people said that he was Mr. Darcy and went to see "Pride and Prejudice", but because of preconceived notions, the feeling of this British uncle Fan has always been indifferent.
Matthew Macfadyen's understanding is "Little Du Li", although he has gained a lot of weight there, his face is a little out of shape, I still remember that he has a little scar on his left cheek or right cheek, but the only thing that doesn't change is the point in his eyes melancholy. Uncle MM, if you are willing to pay attention to your body shape, I really appreciate it. No matter what costume drama you're in, I'll be there to support it.
Finally back to hugh jackman, I have seen "Van Helsing" before, but I just didn't recognize him. Therefore, the first time I met was the aristocratic-born magician in "Fatal Magic". In "Fatal Magic", Uncle Jackman's noble and elegant temperament is fully displayed, although he is actually a persistent and perverted character. Uncle Jackman is undoubtedly more suitable for this kind of gentleman and aristocratic family. He really should be dragged to act in British costume dramas. However, his most popular character is actually Wolverine - -, embarrassing. Take off the gentleman's skin, rude and arrogant and terrifying. Also, jackman in "Australia's Troubled Times"... 囧. Thought he was British, didn't think he was Australian.

Temperament ah Temperament = =.
gentleman needs temperament and aura.
—————————Unscrupulous division ———————————
The only regret for leopold in this film is that Uncle Jackman has a big mouth like an idiot when he sees strange things in modern times surprised expression. (My heart was cold at the time) As a qualified and noble gentleman, even if you are surprised, please keep it in your heart and express it with your eyes = =. I always feel that my performance is a bit too much, and it does not meet the requirement of good self-cultivation. In public, no matter how surprised you are (on the street), you won't show that. = =.
This is pure rant, ignore it.

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  • Lupe 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    Who doesn't fall in love with such a man, who is romantic, considerate and erudite, not only was the heroine moved to tears, but I also cried in front of the computer. I like the ending of the horse... It turns out that we have been in love for a long time..

  • Katarina 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    How to describe it well,'s really...too ugly.... all the male and female protagonists, male and female supporting roles are too 2

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  • Kate: I wasted the best years of my life on you.

    Stuart: Those were your best years?

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