Everyone has a Leopold in their hearts

Isabel 2022-04-19 09:01:55

Just watched this show the night before going to New York. Nice and warm. At this time, Shanghai is raining and falling, and New York is snowing heavily. I started this movie after reading a few books.

Hugh was very careful because he looked so much like my ex. But ex is Italian with black hair.

Maybe it's because I haven't met the perfect love in the real world, so this movie made me very immersed and relaxed.

Hehe, I know I'm old school too, like a century ago. I also write letters on stationery and like all manners, with a little British accent. Of course, I also like the big carriages in New York.
Leopold can impress Kate because he cares about her, he has her in his heart, and he will care about her. Kate, a senior white-collar worker working hard in a big city, has seen countless successful people. However, there is another man as gentleman as Leopold, so polite, so sincere?

Kate attended the dinner that Leopold prepared for her on the roof. The first sentence at the beginning was "I'm not very good at dating men." Leopold was very serious and said indifferently, "You haven't met the rignt person." Hehe, Seeing this, I laughed. The men of 1876 were the same as the men of today. As women, the man we are looking for is still worthy, knowledgeable, loves her, and cares about her. This was the case in 1876, and it was the same in 2010.

I am not easy to settle, because I know what I am looking for.

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  • Nakia 2022-03-24 09:01:51

    For the sake of Uncle Hugh, I actually finished watching such a stupid and long film, how spineless I am... Good actors are really delusional, they play every moment well, as for the difference between each moment and the overall story Relationships don't matter. Look at me this is called a pain

  • Allison 2021-12-09 08:01:21

    Ah, Miss Blaine, your dancing is like... like a group of cattle. You are a rare woman. You can make it lively by leaving a house. Are you very rich, Miss Blaine? You know, I am the 3rd Duke. Our little secret of our royal family is that apart from our general incompetence, we have a huge debt, Leopold. Your problem is that you laugh at yourself in such a way of talking to yourself. In a dull life like me, I can completely laugh at myself, which is considered an evolutionary miracle.

Kate & Leopold quotes

  • [Talking to himself]

    Leopold: Ah Miss Blaine, you dance like a herd of cattle. You are a rare woman who lights up a room simply by leaving it!

  • Stuart: You of all people should understand, you're a scientist. I mean, you invented the elevator.

    Leopold: What is an elevator? What are you talking... Where the hell am I?

    Stuart: I told you, you haven't actually gone anywhere, you're still in New York.

    Leopold: That sir, is not New York!

    Kate: I'm afraid it is!