The story of the Brooklyn Bridge

Katlynn 2022-04-20 09:01:41

"I Love You Through Time and Space" is an old film. The reason for watching it at first was mainly because I prefer actresses, who are naughty and cute, so I downloaded it and watched it. The plot of the story is that one day in New York more than a hundred years ago, an English aristocrat was visiting the newly built Brooklyn Bridge in New York, and suddenly an uninvited guest came to the aristocrat's ball and took him away. The British aristocrats traveled to modern New York City, and at the same time they met the heroine, and the spark of love was ignited. In order not to affect history, the heroine finally traveled back and married a noble.

I have to mention the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, which has a long history. When we came to New York for a trip, we asked our buddies who lived in New York what was the most interesting, and we recommended this bridge. Manhattan is full of high-rise buildings, but you can't feel it when you are in it. Walking through this bridge on foot, you can see what New York looks like from the outside, and you won't end up "in this mountain". If you can watch the sunset on the bridge one day, it will be more pleasant. It's a pity that regret is always inevitable. Although it was planned to go to this bridge, it eventually passed by. When it is closest to the bridge, it can also be glimpsed on a cruise to see the Statue of Liberty. The tour guide said that there are three bridges from Manhattan to Brooklyn, the abbreviation of its initials is BMW, and the Brooklyn Bridge is B.

The film also mentions that this nobleman is the inventor of the modern elevator. Could it be Otis? Huh, can't remember exactly. In American Story's documentary, the elevator is an important invention that is needed in skyscrapers made of steel. Fire signs are also common in the US, with a note on the outside of every elevator: If there is a fire please use the stairs. When I boarded the Empire State Building, the floor reading of the elevator reached 86. I really thought for a moment, is it really that high? Why do the stairs of the Empire State Building need to be designed in sections, is the cable of the elevator too long? When transferring to a sectional elevator, there is also a Chinese voice broadcast in the prompt language, reminding you not to touch or press randomly.

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  • Lupe 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    Who doesn't fall in love with such a man, who is romantic, considerate and erudite, not only was the heroine moved to tears, but I also cried in front of the computer. I like the ending of the horse... It turns out that we have been in love for a long time..

  • Katarina 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    How to describe it well,'s really...too ugly.... all the male and female protagonists, male and female supporting roles are too 2

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