Time flies, sweetie is not here

Jamarcus 2022-04-22 07:01:26

When I watched Sleepless in Seattle before, Meg Ryan's bright smile like the afternoon sun made me and the white fat man in the same room fall in love with her. Later, I watched a few of her movies. Although some of the plots were unbearable, they were still because Ryan was looking for them everywhere.

If I didn't watch this movie, her impression in my mind would be on Annie, the sleepless night in Seattle, but I accidentally downloaded this movie yesterday, and I accidentally watched it again today.
When I saw American Sweetheart appearing, I stopped the picture and carefully looked at the face that used to be full of green grass and vitality. I found that the years had left traces on it that could not be concealed, and I couldn't help feeling a little sad for her.
When I acted in this movie, Sister Sweet was just forty. I couldn’t ask a forty-year-old woman to be as bright and beautiful as her thirty-year-old, but she still felt a little sympathetic when she saw that she was still working hard on the screen. The helplessness of life.

You must be careful when choosing a movie. Watching some movies will ruin a person's beautiful image, especially many female actors.

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  • Guy 2022-03-27 09:01:06

    Actually, I want to give three and a half stars. For the sweet and greasy time-travel theme, it is too much to give four stars, and three stars, for the sake of the two protagonists who are eye-catching, I can't bear to give such a low rating. It's good to watch a movie before going to work to make yourself happy.

  • Uriah 2022-03-27 09:01:06

    Generally speaking, no matter how sophisticated the story is, the most important thing is that it should be touching. I don't think it's very impressive, so I don't recommend it.

Kate & Leopold quotes

  • Kate: I wasted the best years of my life on you.

    Stuart: Those were your best years?

  • Stuart: Maybe the reason I was your guy was so I could help you find your guy.