moment of beauty

Jaren 2022-04-22 07:01:26

Saw it a year ago and was very impressed.
The version I read is about falling in love with you through time and space. I am more proud that the English teacher lent it to me, and it took half a year to return it to her. At that time, I was worried and hesitant to keep it, but I still had a thick skin and paid it back.
The plot of this film is rather old-fashioned. I can’t imagine why a scientist who has experienced time and space travels only the heroine in that world in the face of such a spectacle, while ignoring others, such as technological changes, only This kind of micro-topic can't help but feel ashamed. As a movie, maybe you don't have to expect too much.
But the ending of the film is very creative. In the last 20 minutes of the film, the protagonist races against time, desperately rushing to the brooklyn bridge where the gap in the time structure is located, trying to catch up with the hero who has returned in disappointment, at that critical moment, the heroine resolutely resolutely He jumped off and started a new life in another world. With the fast-paced development of the film, the audience's mood changed from tension to complete relief, and was immersed in an unfinished intoxicating feeling of comfort.
I fell in love with this film back then, maybe it's here.
So I started to copy the protagonists in the film, small and large, squeezed one by one in my small sketchbook, blurring the outline.

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  • Alex 2021-12-09 08:01:21

    In this age of fast food and fast food, it is impossible for us to be treated by such gentle gentlemen, and life will not be thrown at us by a humble and polite duke, and of course it is impossible for us to cross. I like the slowness and gentleness of Hugh Jackman when he speaks. Changes in history have made mankind more primitive

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Kate & Leopold quotes

  • Kate: I wasted the best years of my life on you.

    Stuart: Those were your best years?

  • Stuart: Maybe the reason I was your guy was so I could help you find your guy.