unfinished war movie

Josue 2022-10-02 18:23:57

I originally wanted to use the political darkness in the film as an innuendo to criticize our modern system, but it changed when I wrote it. There is no darkness in any place, only the difference between the special black and the black. And Brazil can only be used as an alternative project for black, you see, at least, such a film can be played.

As for us, the war of resistance, the liberation, the heroes and sons and daughters, the prosperous history of the great D.

We are forced like fools to accept such childish media messages. We endure the same coercion and darkness with the timidity full of rage It is a shred of strength to resist the injustice and totalitarianism we face.

This resistance is the cost of authorizing the product. When the resistance accumulates to a certain level, the product cannot be profitable and can only be withdrawn from the market and perished. .

Comrades, loudly say NO.....

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