Elites and Troops

Jaeden 2022-09-10 02:17:07

If "City of God" looks at the city of Rio de Janeiro from the gangster's vision, then "Elite Force" looks at this city abandoned by God from the police's vision. This city known for its violence, blood and terror seems to have already Abandoned by God, it has nothing to do with politics, and there is no situation of national division. Even in this relatively civilized society, these phenomena have not been improved, so many people have been researching and studying this city. Explore. The movie "Elite Force" seems to have given us some answers. A large part of the reason is attributed to the problem of the government system. In fact, it is very simple to eliminate these cancers, but they act as an umbrella for them, making drug dealers their interests. Conveying point, let this place become the breeding ground of sin, the paradise of sin!

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  • Rocha: Each dog licks his own dick.

  • Tentente-Coronel Fábio: [about Nascimento] He think he is the cock of the universe.