Complete despair and complete awakening

Jennyfer 2022-11-28 05:09:03

Also writing about the social and political conditions of the country, the ending of "Slumdog Millionaire" gives hope and makes people think that fate can be changed, and the same technique is used at the end of "Old Boys"; 2" depicts politics thoroughly as a horror full of darkness, power, money and blood. It gives people despair, from society to the country, from the heart to the system, complete despair.

The thoroughness of this despair also shows the awakening of the protagonist and the director.
The film set records for both the highest box office and the number of viewers in Brazil. Maybe the audience will also have a kind of awakening after watching the movie.

After waking up? Resist! ? Some people do not identify with revolution and always want to change (reform) within the system. I am not here to promote revolutionary ideas, but to raise a question. When the society we rely on exists under a system constructed by corruption, conspiracy, and money, the meaning of this society's existence is to provide support for the system. So what is the purpose of our society? What is the meaning of being human?

For Chinese people, the corruption of the police station in the film is easily reminiscent of the Wen Qiang case. But has our system also reached the way it is reflected in the film. Politicians and criminals are on the same page. When one criminal falls, another criminal will be quickly "trained" from the system?

I dare not think further. If you continue, you may have less confidence and courage to live in China.

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