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Brittany 2022-09-28 12:36:58

Before watching "Elite Force 2", I watched "Strategic Special Task Force".

So, it is clear to see the difference between developed and developing countries.

I remember reading the book "On American Democracy". There is a sentence in it, to the effect that the democratic model of the United States cannot be imitated. For example, Mexico completely copied the political model of the United States. As a result, either enter a dictatorship or enter Anarchy. Mexico has the same political institutions and processes, what is it missing?

For "Elite Force 2", many people gave five stars, but I feel that it is a bit overrated.
Compared with "Strategic Special Forces", the question of "Elite Force 2" is, how different is the so-called confrontation with darkness and its methods that it shows, or sells, and the darkness itself? By overthrowing another tyranny by means of one tyranny, the final result is tyranny.

What we need is not a so-called blue sky. Not simple violence.
So what do we need?

This answer is what we need.

btw: The reason I gave four stars is because such a movie can actually be released. Cattle!

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