Where is the enemy?

Kennith 2022-09-21 16:55:50

Hit the heart.
This is politics, this is strategy, this is "sacrifice".

I am surprised that this film will be introduced in China, which is completely opposite to the mainstream propaganda of GOV.
"Sacrificing the ego for everyone" should have been in my life since I was born. After

watching it, I remembered a few things:
1. "Jianguomen" The incident, the wife was pregnant, the two were killed
2. The peasant extermination incident, 17 people were killed, because he felt regretful that he did not destroy the house, because the village officials were embezzled
and took bribes
. , More "forced demolition incidents",
such as the Duan Yihe incident in Jinan in 5 and 2007 were frequently seen in the newspapers , involving the police. shocked the country. (Don't look at the picture, it's more terrifying)

Personal interests and even life
are so small and weak in front of a high-ranking person, group or big system's interests (fundamentally nothing but power and money) and
life can be arbitrarily and ruthlessly. Trample and die without knowing how to die. Wherever you die, the
world is still the survival of the fittest. The society is so
cruel that elimination means death.

We don't have the hero in the movie or the military skills of Bob Lee Schwager,
we can't fight, we don't have guns, and we don't
have the hero's last reliable teammate

when our lives are threatened and our families are hurt ,what can we do?

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