The fact that this film came out speaks for itself

Ladarius 2022-09-10 03:56:17

Elite Force 2 should not be regarded as a shootout film with the theme of special forces, but should be regarded as a political theme film that deeply guides people to explore the truth.

In fact, after watching it, I didn't think of why the score was so high. It seems that except for "The Piano of Steel", there is no such high score this year. I can't remember clearly, but it is very high anyway. I guess, does everyone have a sense of catharsis, rather than the high score of the movie itself?

When I read it, my wife said that there is corruption in democracies too. I replied that corruption in democracies is an isolated case, and some countries are institutionalized corruption. Secondly, the system of a democratic country has a self-healing function, while some countries do not. That's the difference.

In addition, the fact that this film, which reflects the collusion between police and criminals and the corruption of officials in Brazil, can be released in Brazil itself shows the merits of democratic politics.

I remember a buddy's comment: Who will tell our story? I almost burst into tears. . .

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