Really good movie.

Betsy 2022-09-02 19:50:59

One and two. What a big game of chess.
Just like when we were writing essays in elementary school, the teacher always knocked on my head and told me that writing requires techniques and skills-there is a word in it that seems to be called contrast. It was past 9pm when I saw it. The one whose head is ignorant is still the Portuguese version. Dazedly finished. When I was lying in bed, I probably remembered that this was the only movie that praised BOPE~ Just like the title, it was an elite army of justice. And the slums in Brazil are chaotic, with guns and death everywhere.
In fact, it should have ended like this, because I am not a person who particularly likes watching movies. Literary, or quieter movies are fine, but it's too chaotic. If I hadn't watched Elite Force 2, maybe my understanding of this movie would have stayed at: um, it's real, when will I be able to make one like this?
But it must be said that this is a coincidence. I bought a ticket to return to BJ at noon, and then it was a rainy day. The light rain covered the entire journey from the west of Cangzhou, making people uninterested. On the way back, he hit a black car because he didn't bring an umbrella, and was taunted by the driver. Mood is relatively low. I bought some pork and prepared to rinse it, eat a small hot pot, and adjust my mood. The network is very poor, and many websites cannot be accessed, but eating hot pot is a relatively long process, and sitting dry is relatively boring. Suddenly I remembered that there is a second part of Elite Force, so Baidu, click on the first link, love movie network. Surprisingly fast, or high-definition version. So I started watching.
And after an hour and 55 minutes of the movie. To be honest, it's rather shocking. I don't know if this is a true reproduction of the situation in Brazil. But even the uncle who sells steamed buns on the street knows that corruption exists everywhere. I have seen a lot of anti-corruption films before, but they are basically empty gimmicks. There has never been one that can be described so truly. The third-person narration and the camera cuts in the film give me a feeling that the film is rather dull and unclear. But most importantly, a strong sense of authenticity. Like a documentary, it clearly describes a reality, a system, a resistance, and a helplessness.
The plot feels, there is no ups and downs, very bland narrative. But it can leave a very deep impression on people.
Ok. This is my first time writing a movie review, so I wrote so much nonsense. And I don't know what to write yet. Poor writing. I hope my primary school Chinese teacher won't see it, otherwise she will recognize the student with the words written by her mother-in-law at a glance, and then hold my ears and talk to me over and over again and again. Ha ha:)

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