Affectionate, flesh and blood

Jed 2022-10-07 04:37:20

The second part is beyond my imagination. Seeing that the Chinese translation name is also appended with "the enemy is now", I feel that the addition of these four characters is just right.
Compared with the direct violence of the first part, the second part adds love, brotherhood, father-son love, etc. The plot is flesh and blood, and it also portrays a loving and righteous male protagonist. On the basis of expressing corruption in the system, violence and bloodshed in power, it is easier to be moved by the brotherhood of the male protagonist and the love between father and son. The more affectionate part makes me think this can be a normal society. Compared with the feeling of despair and depression in the first part, the second part made me see hope.
The first intuitive feeling of watching addiction is that it is enjoyable. There are no muddled parts, and the actors' acting skills are also in place. Suddenly there is a feeling of watching "Twelve Citizens", and the sense of reality is very strong.

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