Lieutenant Colonel Nacibeto wants to be a good policeman

Lee 2022-11-08 06:17:54

Lieutenant Colonel Nacibeto, his eyes drooped and his hairline shifted, he wanted to be a good policeman, the exhaustion and firmness of a middle-aged man.

"This system does not have a general plan, nor does it have any commander-in-chief," its evil has no main body, its vastness is empty everywhere, and it is omnipresent and goes its own way. And you don't even know who to fight in the end. Like the tone of the picture, a burnt yellow despair.

Movies that try to make sense usually expose stupidity and stop at pretentiousness. This film is an exception, although it uses a lot of narration.

Good people die with one shot, refuse to flatter the audience (and refuse to show off like Quentin).

If reality is negative, movies don't need such a thing as positive energy. As long as it keeps staring, it may be tired, but it must be firm.

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