Themes that China dare not touch

Jimmie 2022-09-02 17:30:06

Haven't known Brazil before?? Except for football and big ass girls (and Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro) to know how chaotic Brazil's slums are (China's gun ban is really a wise move)

The main line of this film is not cool racing and gunfights, nor is there a brain-burning plot, some are the dark side of the real adult society, drugs, guns, bureaucracy, violence, people with justice are assassinated behind their backs, If the protagonist's son was not injured, he would not have the courage to tear up all the unspoken rules. This film constantly emphasizes the word "system". This film is also very good to literate some of us who were born in a peaceful world. What is the system? What? The orientation of public opinion has gradually become everyone's values. Can we really have the courage to be a first-timer who exposes the ugly?

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