What the Brazilian film revealed to me

Brittany 2022-11-18 19:18:42

If you can make such a movie, you can take it out and show it. At least this country is relatively free, and the government has confidence in its own credibility. If you want to know more about Brazil in China, you can find very little information. I guess China thinks it is stronger than Brazil, and it is not interesting to study Brazil. The situation is similar for India. I actually watch very few Brazilian movies, but I often feel surprised when I watch one, that is, the feeling of "you watch someone else's unit...". Why did you go from the movie to the national level? Because you can't see such made in China! You see, other people's units have gone abroad for spring outings. Going back to the film itself, the essence of politics is interest. If it is just to express this theme, then I will be too lazy to write a long review. From a first-person perspective, the film has performance dramas, inner dramas and intense conflicts, and the audience has a strong sense of substitution. The narrative angle of the film varies from small to large. Family conflicts, professional conflicts, and political conflicts are alternately staged, layer by layer. There are many characters, so it is relatively simple, but the tension of the characters is shown. A soldier recognizes his work and wants to change the society in his own way, but in the end he finds that he is only a part of the interests. The deep part is that he knows the truth but is beleaguered on all sides. Everyone who knows the truth finds himself alone because too much can happen during this time when the next one knows. The male protagonist knows that the two reporters are dead. The turning point of the film is still in the journalists, the politicians who are not afraid of the journalists. So they have to fight each other. Why do American, Korean, and now I see Brazilian films use journalists as a breakthrough? I think art comes from life, and their country's journalists themselves have to play the role of breakthrough. Because our country is so powerful, didn't we film "Awesome, My Country"? Art comes from life, that's right.

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