After watching this movie, let's talk about democracy.

Kristina 2022-11-14 14:23:19

After watching the movie, some words lingered in my mind for a long time and could not be calmed down, and the various words were flying like scraps of paper.

The jumping pieces eventually merged into a torrent, which accumulated in the brain, making people unhappy - what is democracy?

Tocqueville's loud appeal in "The Social Contract" allowed me to breathe freely in the air of freedom and legality.

In today's world, society is divided into tools, people move quickly, and information exchange is complicated. Not everyone can personally participate in political decision-making and implementation. In practice, the social cost is high and the feasibility is low. The process and consequences of political decision-making and implementation are closely related to everyone in modern society.

The implementation of democracy requires supervision. Politicians need votes to take office. When they taste the sweetness of power, they want to be re-elected. People from different political parties and factions have appeared in succession, and each political party and each faction needs to accumulate votes slowly, which will naturally form a vote bank. Over time, votes are just a means of trading, and as Tocqueville said, voters are only free on election day.

There is no doubt that government rights need to be restricted, and the government is an institution that exercises rights on behalf of citizens. What is the size of the scope of the government's rights? To use Professor Zhang Qianfan's Lectures on Constitutional Law, how big should the birdcage of rights be? We have already seen that absolute democracy is absolute violence. At times, democracy may be the biggest obstacle to efficiency, and it may cause more serious secondary damage.

The government's power is too large, the handling of emergencies, and the establishment of public infrastructure may be more rapid and convenient. However, the lack of effective supervision and the unconscious expansion of government rights, corruption and corruption naturally breed.

If the power of the government is too small, the sense of belonging of the residents and the degree of social solidarity will be compressed.

Another problem, the problem of the system, the system is changing and advancing in the midst of bloodshed, but the problem will never be truly solved.

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