misled by the title

Domenick 2022-09-24 00:14:43

I seldom watch this type of movie, and I think it is a Hong Kong police and bandit movie or a European and American tough hero movie. After watching it, there is something indescribable in my heart... Anyone who has watched the film understands it.

After reading the short reviews, I feel that Brazil can make such a film that nakedly exposes the system. What about China? Looking closely, this is also a movie from 2011. I am surprised that it can be released in China, and that various APPs can actually broadcast it. But isn't this also progress? The system is the system after all, not to mention that we, who live within the system, are already too busy taking care of our individual freedoms.

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Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within quotes

  • Fortunato: Just a moment. I'd like to say a few words in face of such mockery.

  • Lt. Colonel Nascimento: You know what this operation should be called?

    Officer: No, sir.

    Lt. Colonel Nascimento: Operation Iraq.