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Being able to defend that small piece of purity, even a small piece, can bring hope to everyone. No matter how sophisticated the weapon is and how well-trained it is, the real enemy is not solved by force. It will always be like a net. It is the kind of system mentioned in the movie. Solving does not fundamentally solve the problem, but only leaves the most extreme bad guys to fend for themselves by using the bad guys to solve the problem. This is a rare result in domestic movies. It is cruel and ruthless and is helpless in reality. A warrior is lonely and helpful. What he insists on lives in people's hearts. It is not difficult to judge whether it is just or not. Guns can't solve the problems behind guns, and different battles require different ways of playing. Fortitude, calm, wisdom, problem solving, loneliness, technology, diligence, bravery, elite troops, want to be one of them, it is very difficult, not physically strong enough to protect those who need to be protected. Position can be protected, defended, fair and just.

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  • Fortunato: Just a moment. I'd like to say a few words in face of such mockery.

  • Lt. Colonel Nascimento: You know what this operation should be called?

    Officer: No, sir.

    Lt. Colonel Nascimento: Operation Iraq.