Seeing the Essence through the Phenomenon 2

Ambrose 2022-08-21 23:34:53

The title subtitles appeared "This film is purely fictional, if there is any similarity, it is purely coincidental"? Everyone knows it

The first half of the film is a continuation of the story of the first film, with richer shooting scenes and more brutal phenomena. The first corrupt police officer became the commander, but he was dissatisfied with the subordinate's profit, but he could only smash his teeth and swallow it, just because the subordinate's backstage was harder. The army has the power to fight against all crimes. Wherever drug dealers go, there is no grass. The male lead who commands the army becomes the hero of the local people, but ironically, if the interests of the politicians are touched, they will find a scapegoat, the powerless and powerless male second." Bear the brunt", still only full of blood in the first part, can do it without thinking, so he was sent to prison for 30 days.

The foreshadowing of the first half is to bring the focus from the drug dealers back to the politicians and the police. When there is no drug dealer as a source of income, the corrupt police can still find ways to squeeze the people endlessly. The second department just shot and killed the people. Everyone knew that the police were the biggest criminals in the area, but the people had no choice but to let them be at the mercy of them.

The second half is when the second male is obsessed with finding the whereabouts of the police gun, and he is killed by the police. The whole mood begins to be suppressed. He has killed countless drug lords for the fearless police officers of justice, but he died in a person who can leave his back to his trust. In the hands of people, the biggest enemy turns out to be internal corruption. The death of the second male lead is not the last. As we thought, anyone who seeks justice will not end well. Two reporters who went deep into the enemy camp were killed, and the male lead son who exposed the inside story was lying in the hospital. So much so that the male protagonist broke into a sweat when he was surrounded. In this "system" that is stronger than the army, the winning rate of good people is pitifully low. In such an environment, there is not a day that is safe. The ending is a bit like the saying in "Lord of War" that the biggest arms dealer is the leader of the government. The biggest corrupt politicians are...

To quote a quote from the text: "I spent my whole life believing that the police were doing justice, and suddenly all those beliefs were gone."

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