"American Gods"

Scot 2022-11-15 11:57:17

When I learned that the screenwriter deliberately replaced the protagonist with a black person for political correctness, and there was a large-scale performance of a black goddess, I couldn't bear it. This is the only American drama that has become a deductible item on a large scale. I would rather you play it well in clothes and attract people with the plot. The rhythm is not smooth, the plot is not catchy, the flesh and blood scenes are not at all aesthetic, not even scary enough, the bed scene in the middle is inexplicable, I think it is the editing problem, the lonely gods in modern life, and facing the impact of new gods, etc. The plot is really too cliché and boring, just like the latest film of Underworld is no longer attractive without the beauty of the classical form. I don't like this setting. In the end, the name Technical Boy is really too dramatic. . . I don't recommend watching it except for fans of the original

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