Gone Glory

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Wednesday is considered to be the day of Odin,
the chief god of Aesir in Norse mythology, and two large crows perched on his shoulders, one is called "Hugin" (Hugin), which represents "thinking"; the other Just called "Munin", which stands for "memory". These two great crows fly around the world every day and report to Odin without reservation what they have seen.
Well, in my impression, it should be like this
"in the white light stands a majestic horse like a mountain, it wears a heavy armor with metal flowers, and the white fur flows with a spar-like glow, and eight majestic horses. The legs are like the brackets used by the wheeled crane to stabilize the body. It clawed the ground with its dark golden horseshoe, and the hard road was opened one after another. The horse wore a mask on its face and neighed like thunder every time. After the call, the metal nostrils on the mask spewed out the fine dust of electric light. On the
back of the horse sat a huge black shadow, the whole body was covered with heavy armor of dark gold, the rain sprinkled on it, and the armor seemed to be covered with a shimmer. Carrying a curved spear, the arc of the gun body is like the trajectory of a meteor across the sky. With an iron face, the only golden pupil illuminates the surroundings like a giant lamp."
----- -(A Dark Rainy Night, A Dark Rainy Night, Prologue of "Dragon II Mourning Eyes of the Dead")

His famous name was admired by the Nordic Vikings of all dynasties. The Vikings firmly believed that if they died bravely, they could enter "Valhalla", so the battle was very brave, and its power had swept over half of Europe.
All in all, most of the believers in Odin are fierce and aggressive.
"Don't poke, it's the eyes that do it first"

burn a teammate

we're just having fun

But thanks to the sacrifice, an incarnation of Odin has remained in America.

But it's like this when the male protagonist meets

He is abducted and deceived, he is proficient in eating, drinking, prostituting and gambling, but he is not a one-eyed dragon
screenwriter, and I am crazy about the cool king of gods.

The male protagonist began to dream and
dreamed of the world tree
. Some people said that the bones on the ground were all gods who were forgotten by people and lost their ability and finally died in the changing times.

But I think these corpses are the gods who died in battle in the most tragic chapter of Norse mythology, "Twilight of the Gods". If you have known Norse mythology, you will not be unfamiliar with it. The world structure of the Marvel Universe and the novel Dragon Race also refers to the Norse mythology system.
In Norse mythology, the branches of the world tree make up the entire world.

In the bar, the shadow of his friend's beloved wife's death and desperate agrees to work for Mr. Wednesday, and meets the Irish dwarf madman Sweeney

Don't say it's really similar, but unfortunately it's not short at all, and it doesn't wear a cuckold

Later, the male protagonist and Mr. Wednesday went to the hammer (team) son (friend)

This man with the nail gun is the legendary Thor, the god of thunder.
Some people say
that the strongest among the gods is Thor, the god of thunder, because he is infinitely powerful, and its sledgehammer is "Miao Ernir" (The Hammer of Thor) , the ancient god of war.
That's right, the one in the picture below smiling with honey is the Thor and his sledgehammer (Mjolnir)

In the twilight of the gods, its opponent is Yemengade, the beloved Xia Mi of Chu Zihang, the king of the earth and the mountain in the dragon family, and the big snake that the German chemist dreamed of discovering the benzene ring structure. A serpent so big that it had to be connected end to end around the world. In the Ragnarok of the Gods this serpent perished with Thor.

By the way, there is also a Thor with the same name and surname under Marvel next door, but this Thor has a sinewy, sunny smile and loves to hammer people's chests with a small hammer

Among the Norse gods, Wuld spins the lifeline, Beludandi pulls the lifeline, and Shikodi cuts the lifeline. This is the fate of all things in the world, which cannot be changed.
The eldest sister Urd represents the past and aging

The second sister represents the present

The third child, Skuld, usually does not show his true face. Contrary to Urd, he holds a book or a roll of paper in his hand, but does not unfold it, expressing the unknowable mystery of the future:

There is such a beast in Norse mythology, Fenrir, the terrifying giant wolf in Norse mythology, was imprisoned by the Norse gods when it was young, but when it became an adult, it became able to open its mouth to devour the heavens and the earth, in the twilight of the gods. At the beginning, he ate Odin, the king of the gods.

"Gods die. And when they do die, no one mourns, no one remembers. Ideas are far harder to kill than people, but in the end, they can be killed just as well." - The
Age of American Gods Change, new and old gods change.
The old gods are gradually forgotten by the masses. Without belief, gods will grow old and fade away, and their abilities, physical strength, and wealth will gradually fade away. In the end, they will live as humble and insignificant as the bottom people until they die.

"According to the myth of the Norse people, fate began in Wood, was measured and handed by Beludandi, and ultimately must be cut under the scissors of Shikodi. Even if you are Odin, you step out of your palace, With an invincible spear, we are only on the road of no return. In the past 100 years, isn't that the prophecy that we have believed in? We can only delay that day, but we cannot change that The ending. Because destiny, because it cannot be changed, is called destiny.
(The Big Brother in Act 8 of "Dawn of Dragon Fire") "
The cause of the twilight of the gods in Norse mythology is Baal, the god of light. Del's death ended in the death of both sides, the destruction of the world, and the black dragon sprang out from the corpse pile. It flew over the ground heavily and slowly, and its black wings were covered with bones.
(I really miss seeing the great power of the Black King in the time when the Dragon Clan revered, "Only the Black King can kill the Black King")
And the God of Light and the Blind God both resurrected and recast the world.
Now I feel that the male protagonist is the god of light after the resurrection. Mr. Wednesday is planning the battle of the gods between the new gods and the old gods in the new era.
(The male protagonist is afraid that he will be used as a gunman by Mr. Wednesday)

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