twilight of the gods

Lyla 2022-11-27 02:42:17

When the show started, the focus of the discussion was on the show's yellow violent vision, so it was not optimistic at first. But by the end of the season, loving the series is unique and irreplaceable.

I haven't read the original book, so my opinion is purely from the sidelines. The core point of this play is that the gods need people's belief to survive and have power. In fact, it is the same as the incense-bodhisattva of my dynasty, which is essentially atheistic. If each person or group of people needs, can create their own god, then god is your slave and not the master.

So I feel that this kind of religious discussion is only possible in the United States in the world, and it has probably been wiped out in other countries. In the play, the god of the world representing globalization, the god of technology and the god of media, challenged the traditional war, life, fertility and witchcraft. This is not exactly a portrayal of the real world.

Loved watching each episode begin to tell how people from all over the world came to the New World with their beliefs. People migrate because of suffering, only the gods they believe in can bring comfort in this endless suffering, and people gradually forget all these illusions brought about by indulging in modern technology and entertainment, forgetting that the foundation of this world is life and Violent, forgotten old gods will wake up these ungrateful people.

Interestingly, the show portrays those primitive religions very positively, while it is ironic about the derivative religions after the core era. For example, the satire of Jesus is just an illusion, each nation has its own Jesus, and the heads are all fake and flashing strange lights, which do not match the body. And satirized Christianity occupied Easter, the goddess of spring life.

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