Elite Force 2 Aftermath

Rosalinda 2022-09-25 06:12:31

Before the film, what I knew about Brazil was just the World Cup, a passionate Western country. After the movie, I have a better understanding of Brazil's politics and the current situation. Corruption and drugs nourish each other. All forces participate in political struggles for their own interests, but the people have to pay for it.

The film, narrated by the former top commander of the elite force, tells the story of the changes in officials triggered by the prison riot four years ago and the subsequent impact on the local area. At first, the human rights representative did not wear body armor to negotiate with the drug dealer. The elite troops successfully raided without knowing him, killed the drug dealer and rescued him. Instead, he shouted for human rights in front of the media, accusing the elite troops of being a killing machine. It was true that he was taken away by him at first, but think about it, if the elite troops did not raid, would the drug dealers let him go without any other requirements? I don't think that's possible, it just gives the drug dealer a chance to make more demands without guaranteeing his safety and freedom. The anger of human rights warriors comes from his pursuit of human rights on the one hand, and his political goals on the other hand. Politicians need to be good at dancing and seize the time that is beneficial to them to win more support. This reminds me of many people who single-mindedly advocate their own political opinions. Is it still because of their initial conviction that they persist to the end? Do you just want others to believe that you have more power for you to support yourself? But at the same time, I think such people are indispensable to society, because different voices are needed at any time to remind society to develop in a healthier direction.

Although the title of the film is Elite Force 2, in fact, the Elite Force is just an introduction. The problem of drug lords is solved, and new problems will soon appear. The police are corrupt, the militiamen kill the middlemen and directly take over the slums, and all cash transactions have to take a cut. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Behind the militias are governors and government officials who give the militias power, and the militias provide money and votes. The result is that the drug-trafficking organizations that rule the slums are gone, replaced by militia organizations that abuse their private rights and waste their lives. They keep saying that they will help the community to live a normal life. If you pick up a gun, you will end a law-abiding ordinary citizen who refuses to pay protection fees. s life. Is it better or more terrifying for the police to openly kill innocent people on the street than the proliferation of drugs? It may be the same for the people at the bottom, it's just a different group of people to exploit them. There is an interesting scene here. The militia leader entertained the governor and other important officials in his community. He always held a gun during the singing and laughter. Before speaking, he ended the noise with the sound of gunfire. All appearances of joy and peace seem to be maintained under the threat of violence, and conflict is imminent.

From the perspective of the protagonist, the film explains the problems in Brazilian society layer by layer. At first glance, this problem is the proliferation of drugs, and then it is the corruption of the police, and then it is the collusion of officials. Continuing further, we find that it is a problem of the whole system. The slums have the most votes, but they don't actually have the ability to make their own choices. Will the elected officials be representatives of true democracy? What is democracy, which leads us to think deeper. The corruption problem in the Ming Dynasty was also very serious. Officials had little income, and they basically turned a blind eye to corrupt behavior from the bottom up. To enforce honesty and integrity will make the whole system unstable. When there is power, there will always be corruption. In response to this phenomenon, I always feel that a big change is needed. The system can be completely changed to make changes. But human nature is like this. Maybe it cannot be changed by external forces. .

At the end of the film, the head of the militia was killed, and the original police chief who still had a conscience became a new generation of successors. The system has not changed, and innocent people will always pay for it. The heart-warming ending of the film is that the officer's son finally wakes up, and there is still hope for the justice side.

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