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Yvette 2022-04-19 09:02:11

Looking at the comments, many netizens compared the anti-Japanese film with the film to highlight the exaggeration of the film. I can't help but say a few words here. The anti-Japanese film is based on reality, and the film is based on mythological stories. Completely different films are mixed up, thanks to the efforts of some immoral producers, I hope all netizens can distinguish clearly that films like the Anti-Japanese War are exaggerated and insult the martyrs who died heroically in those years. Going back and talking about the movie, it's generally great. I remember the last time I was in a movie theater and I was watching Pacific Rim. I can’t say I’m a movie fan. I have a superficial view on the movie. I just think it’s cool. I don’t want to engage in literature and art. Violent, unreasonable, no life insights, the viewing experience is cool except for being cool, and it is cool for idiots. I can forget about the troubles and devote myself to the foolish plot (more than two hours are really fast) , in my life, it couldn't be more pleasant. PS: I have to complain, some movies are really mentally retarded (a certain mountain trip??), and they really want to scold their mothers. Many negative truths are clear to everyone, and they are disgusting people when they are brought up on the screen. deep and uncomfortable

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  • Idell 2022-04-24 07:01:13

    No matter how exaggerated the story is, or how dazzling the protagonist's halo is, it still can't stop the director's atmospheric lens language. I can't help but burst into tears.

  • Dorthy 2021-12-21 08:01:03

    Not bad, not bad, in recent films, it looks more exciting, with plots and cool martial arts!

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion quotes

  • Kattappa: Finally having the kingdom all to himself, Bhallaladeva's atrocities knew no bounds. Fuelled by his rage towards Devasena, he destroyed Kunthala kingdom. We all believed you to be dead son, but your grandmother sacrificed her own life to save yours. Your mother and motherland have been waiting for twenty-five years. Only for you, Mahendra.

  • Sivagami: Baahu, I have already promised Devasena to Bhalladeva in marriage.

    Devasena: Stop! Who are you to select a husband for me without my consent? Do you not know that a Kshatriya princess has the right to choose her own husband? Do you not have this much sense?

    Sivagami: How dare you raise your voice at Sivagami! Commander, arrest this arrogant woman and bring her to her knees!

    Setu Patti: As you wish Queen Mother!

    [Setu Patti and the other soldiers pull out their swords and advance towards Devasena. Baahubali pulls out his own sword and steps in front of her]

    Amarendra Baahubali: Anyone who lays a hand on Devasena might as well be touching Baahubali's sword.