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Devon 2022-04-20 09:01:47

Also he has such an operation? This is the question that popped into my mind the most when I watched both Baahubali. Well, let's not complain about the operation problem that was spit out by everyone. In short, the protagonist is the incarnation of Lord Shiva, and any operation that occurs is a general operation. The focus is on the emphases and differences between 1 and 2. 1. Uncle & grandpa are talking about the bald head here. I can't remember the name. In short, it is not Saitama, because although he has become bald, he is only averagely strong. In the first part, the bald head is just a loyal, courageous, and skilled guard; but in the second part, he exudes more brilliance that belongs to "people". She can sell cute, play cheap (sword?), pretend to be stupid, and cut impressively. With a change in his eyes, he can change from a stupid, cute uncle who takes care of a stupid nephew to a loyal guard with excellent martial arts skills; in an instant, he can change from a panicked prisoner about to be executed to inexplicable grief and remorse. And the killer... Only this old man who is full of love for the protagonist, that is, is foolish, loyal and fickle, can kill Baahubali. This old man is really a good actor, which is definitely one of the highlights. 2. The father and the son play two roles, how can people tell who is who? Most dramas rely on clothing, but I dare say that in this drama, two people are wearing the same clothes, and you can quickly tell who is the father and who is the son. Compared with his father's grand spirit, who was always graceful and calm, calm in every way, and swayed, his son was more like a stunned young man. The victory of the father makes us feel incredible but it is taken for granted, the victory of the son, to be honest, really depends on the plug-in. Compared with the heroic spirit of boosting morale and turning defeat into victory at the last moment in the battle of tens of thousands of people commanded by the father, the son commanding the battle is more like a street fight gangster. Even if you wear the same armor. Father is like a lion, as long as he is still alive, the enemy will not dare to look at him! The final boss, only after his father fell, did he dare to jump out and whip the corpse like a hyena. In the face of the villain, the son can't help but lack momentum, and he is evenly matched.

It looks like he has a long way to go to become king. 3. 1st & 2nd I was surprised that the first part was rated higher than the second. It may be the reason why the first part is so bright that everyone's eyes are bright - and according to the law of sequels, the second part is generally a dog-tailed sequel. But this movie is not, both the first and the second have brought extreme open-hung enjoyment. But it is limited to my son's final victory. (The coconut tree jumping over the city gate is too anti-physics, Newton's coffin board must have been welded to death by the director - even if you are a superman yourself, your soldiers are not, why should you be with you? open hanging), definitely lowering the total score. Apart from this, the characters in the second part are far more plump than the first, which must be a lot of extra points. All in all, the second part is a very good sequel and worth watching. As for the low box office of the second film, I can only say that it has a lot to do with the introduction time - I watched the gun version last year, and you still expect me to go to the theater this year? 4. Green Cloth & Green Cloth When I look back at the so-called domestic special effects movies with so-called investment of hundreds of millions, I have a question: the pictures are also shot on the green cloth, why is there such a big difference? Could it be that the quality of the green cloth is different? Well, it must be.

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  • Flo 2022-04-24 07:01:13

    Although many places go against human common sense, the god-like Baahubali makes me unable to criticize these crude and incomprehensible shortcomings. The first and last episodes are undoubtedly enjoyable. Only American TV series and Indian movies can do the whole five hours without peeing. It's very exciting! The effect is magnificent and fifty cents, the history is detailed and clear, and it needs to be further improved. recommend.

  • Brice 2022-04-23 07:02:30

    Say it again: after all~history~poetry~big~country~; even super saints such as Baahubali are helpless in dealing with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion quotes

  • Bijjaladeva: Bhalla, have you ever considered killing your mother? I did. When, upon his birth, she shared with him the affection only you were entitled to, for the first time I thought of killing her. Shares in wealth, glory, and even rights! When she was giving him half of everything, I felt like killing her! And now, when the throne is being passed on to him, I feel like crushing her throat with these very hands. So Bhalla, should we kill her?

  • Bijjaladeva: What is it, you dog?

    Kattappa: My Lord.

    Kattappa: What have you come to bark about?

    [his men laugh]

    Kattappa: Baahubali's coronation will take place on the upcoming Vijaya Dashami. Queen Mother's orders were to give this news to you first.

    Bijjaladeva: [Bijjaladeva angrily throws his glass away] This is exactly what happened on that day as well! My throne was given to my younger brother, and now, my son's throne is being given to that very brother's son. My son, my son's son, and his sons, will we just remain slaves? Tell me, you dog, why wasn't I made king?

    [He yanks away the cloth draped around him, revealing his damaged arm]

    Bijjaladeva: Because I am handicapped? So what if one arm is disabled, is this iron fist not enough to rule our kingdom?

    [he turns and punches a pillar with his good arm, breaking a huge chunk off of it]

    Kattappa: You weren't rejected kingship because of your disabled arm my lord, but because of your handicapped brain.

    Setu Patti: [angrily pulls out his sword] Your orders, my lord!

    Bijjaladeva: You dog! Have you forgotten that anyone who speaks ill about the royal family gets his tongue cut off!

    Kattappa: Forgive me, but a person who thinks of killing his own wife, what is his brain but handicapped?

    Bijjaladeva: [backs away, shocked] You overheard?

    Kattappa: No my lord. Since I am after all a dog, I was able to smell it!

    [bows and walks away]