"Ramayana" unfolds slowly in front of you through a thousand years

Abagail 2022-04-20 09:01:47

After listening to Professor Qian Wenzhong's "Xuanzang's Journey to the West" and "Mysterious Ancient India", I became fascinated by ancient India, so I listened to "History of India", and then I saw the Indian drama "Baahubali", everything seemed to be the same. is just right.

Look at the royal family surrounded by incense powder and flowers on the street, look at the group of elephants or attack the enemy line or bow down to salute, look at the swaying graceful figure of Lord Shiva, look at the resolute, brave, loyal and affectionate prince, look at the beautiful, agile and soft The princess of Yigang, looking at the devotion, worship and expectation of the common people to the prince and god, seems to see the fairy tale of "Ramayana" unfolding slowly in front of her eyes through thousands of years. I believe) the time tunnel built by, is wrapped in a thick mixture of flowers, fragrant powder, spices, body odor, blood, rotting, rust, etc. The smell is blowing to the face, in "Little Lolita's Uncle Monkey", to Hanu In the sacrificial ceremony of the God of Man, among the caste people with the same rank, in the faithful and eager eyes of the "believers" who are similar to the Tibetan gods, they transcend time, space, ethnicity, caste, history books like piles of old papers, and historians. The sharp or ambiguous tip of the pen has been passed down through word of mouth to this day. In this sense, it seems understandable why India's history-recording tradition is extremely weak, because their unchanging belief in and worship of the divinely gifted person has always flowed in their minds along with those legends and myths, and at the appropriate time The time, the right place, projected onto the right chosen person.

Even at the height of mythology, even with special effects, muscles, and gorgeousness, it can still point directly to the heart and warm the moment. This should be the shock and reflection brought by contemporary Indian films.

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  • Kaleigh 2022-03-25 09:01:10

    Ah, ah, ah, father is the protagonist, right? The girl who watched it was full of heart, and she hung up all the time. Compared with him, her son was simply weak. Wonderful, no procrastination at all, the score is too low!

  • Jazmin 2022-03-26 09:01:07

    It has Indian characteristics, and the costumes and props can always see the shadow of Indian musicals. The special effects are great, and the occasional little sense of humor is good.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion quotes

  • Bijjaladeva: Bhalla, have you ever considered killing your mother? I did. When, upon his birth, she shared with him the affection only you were entitled to, for the first time I thought of killing her. Shares in wealth, glory, and even rights! When she was giving him half of everything, I felt like killing her! And now, when the throne is being passed on to him, I feel like crushing her throat with these very hands. So Bhalla, should we kill her?

  • Bijjaladeva: What is it, you dog?

    Kattappa: My Lord.

    Kattappa: What have you come to bark about?

    [his men laugh]

    Kattappa: Baahubali's coronation will take place on the upcoming Vijaya Dashami. Queen Mother's orders were to give this news to you first.

    Bijjaladeva: [Bijjaladeva angrily throws his glass away] This is exactly what happened on that day as well! My throne was given to my younger brother, and now, my son's throne is being given to that very brother's son. My son, my son's son, and his sons, will we just remain slaves? Tell me, you dog, why wasn't I made king?

    [He yanks away the cloth draped around him, revealing his damaged arm]

    Bijjaladeva: Because I am handicapped? So what if one arm is disabled, is this iron fist not enough to rule our kingdom?

    [he turns and punches a pillar with his good arm, breaking a huge chunk off of it]

    Kattappa: You weren't rejected kingship because of your disabled arm my lord, but because of your handicapped brain.

    Setu Patti: [angrily pulls out his sword] Your orders, my lord!

    Bijjaladeva: You dog! Have you forgotten that anyone who speaks ill about the royal family gets his tongue cut off!

    Kattappa: Forgive me, but a person who thinks of killing his own wife, what is his brain but handicapped?

    Bijjaladeva: [backs away, shocked] You overheard?

    Kattappa: No my lord. Since I am after all a dog, I was able to smell it!

    [bows and walks away]