What are the highlights and memory points of "Baahubali 2: The End"?

Breana 2022-04-21 09:02:27

One of the highlights is the scene of Moses Shimodi warriors and barbarians fighting, majestic and magnificent, all arrows fired, chariots rampaging; it is extremely exciting and shocking. Especially the ant-like person, directly making those patients with intensive phobia faint.

The other is when Baahubali and his wife go home. The pictures in the movie are also fantastic. The mountains with peaks and peaks, the waterfalls that swallow thousands of miles, and the colorful clouds all make people feel the kind of love that hits people's hearts. And the fantasy of beautiful love

These two paragraphs shocked me deeply. Although I know that high-tech means must be used, this picture really hits the hearts of people. This kind of generosity is not bad for being called an Indian epic movie.

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  • Ismael 2022-03-23 09:02:07

    Much better than the first one, praise, praise, praise~~~~~~

  • Icie 2022-03-24 09:02:10

    The introduction was delayed for a year, I watched the Blu-ray, and went to the cinema to experience it again! Cool!

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion quotes

  • Bijjaladeva: Bhalla, have you ever considered killing your mother? I did. When, upon his birth, she shared with him the affection only you were entitled to, for the first time I thought of killing her. Shares in wealth, glory, and even rights! When she was giving him half of everything, I felt like killing her! And now, when the throne is being passed on to him, I feel like crushing her throat with these very hands. So Bhalla, should we kill her?

  • Bijjaladeva: What is it, you dog?

    Kattappa: My Lord.

    Kattappa: What have you come to bark about?

    [his men laugh]

    Kattappa: Baahubali's coronation will take place on the upcoming Vijaya Dashami. Queen Mother's orders were to give this news to you first.

    Bijjaladeva: [Bijjaladeva angrily throws his glass away] This is exactly what happened on that day as well! My throne was given to my younger brother, and now, my son's throne is being given to that very brother's son. My son, my son's son, and his sons, will we just remain slaves? Tell me, you dog, why wasn't I made king?

    [He yanks away the cloth draped around him, revealing his damaged arm]

    Bijjaladeva: Because I am handicapped? So what if one arm is disabled, is this iron fist not enough to rule our kingdom?

    [he turns and punches a pillar with his good arm, breaking a huge chunk off of it]

    Kattappa: You weren't rejected kingship because of your disabled arm my lord, but because of your handicapped brain.

    Setu Patti: [angrily pulls out his sword] Your orders, my lord!

    Bijjaladeva: You dog! Have you forgotten that anyone who speaks ill about the royal family gets his tongue cut off!

    Kattappa: Forgive me, but a person who thinks of killing his own wife, what is his brain but handicapped?

    Bijjaladeva: [backs away, shocked] You overheard?

    Kattappa: No my lord. Since I am after all a dog, I was able to smell it!

    [bows and walks away]