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Benny 2022-04-22 07:01:32

India itself is a country of faith, and the exaggerated interpretation of the film to match other people's national conditions is also reasonable! The key is that you have to like Indian movies enough to watch them. If you are a serious audience, please skip it!

Most of the people who like Indian movies/music find that every song in the first and second episodes of Baahubali is intoxicating, and it has become a must-listen music that is played on a daily loop recently.

India is a real music nation. When traveling in India, I see that locals, regardless of class, can sing and dance anytime, anywhere, and there is no sense of disobedience!

I have seen the original Baahubali episode 2 and 2 on Emirates Airline before. The music with the plot and the gorgeous pictures of ancient India are simply the best visual and auditory enjoyment. After watching it several times in a row, I still don't feel tired. Now watch it in the cinema after it is released in China. Although the editing time is shortened, the pictures and poems are very good. The effect of the film is very exciting with the Chinese translation. Shocking.

Most of the Indian films introduced to the Chinese market in recent years are mainly inspirational and exposing the darkness of society, and the market acceptance is very good. But it cannot be ignored that India is also one of the four ancient civilizations. Its myths, legends, historical allusions and people's beliefs are also very worth watching. I hope that real Indian movies can receive due respect in China!

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  • Renee 2022-03-21 09:02:08

    For the promise, truth and justice. You can go against anybody even if it's the god. That's law and ethics.

  • Trudie 2022-03-23 09:02:07

    Allow me to label Asan's film comedy. The middle memory part was actually delayed. But what amazes me is that Ah San used less than one-fifth of the cost of the Great Wall to make two Bajos that are three times the length of the Great Wall. Even if Damon's remuneration factor is taken into account, the cost is comparable to that of the Great Wall. quarter. Even if the shortcomings of the film are very obvious, in general, Chinese film investors still need to think deeply. (Not making money is not Chinese)

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion quotes

  • Kattappa: Finally having the kingdom all to himself, Bhallaladeva's atrocities knew no bounds. Fuelled by his rage towards Devasena, he destroyed Kunthala kingdom. We all believed you to be dead son, but your grandmother sacrificed her own life to save yours. Your mother and motherland have been waiting for twenty-five years. Only for you, Mahendra.

  • Sivagami: Baahu, I have already promised Devasena to Bhalladeva in marriage.

    Devasena: Stop! Who are you to select a husband for me without my consent? Do you not know that a Kshatriya princess has the right to choose her own husband? Do you not have this much sense?

    Sivagami: How dare you raise your voice at Sivagami! Commander, arrest this arrogant woman and bring her to her knees!

    Setu Patti: As you wish Queen Mother!

    [Setu Patti and the other soldiers pull out their swords and advance towards Devasena. Baahubali pulls out his own sword and steps in front of her]

    Amarendra Baahubali: Anyone who lays a hand on Devasena might as well be touching Baahubali's sword.