The cost is much lower than many Chinese blockbusters, but the visual effect is better than the same cost and higher cost Chinese blockbuster

Bethany 2022-04-23 07:02:30

2018.5.26 1 and 2 together will be more helpful to understand. Indian visual effects blockbuster. The scenery is magnificent, especially the exotic kingdom buildings and the luxurious swan boats sailing in the ocean and sky are eye-opening, showing the characteristics of oriental magic, although the special effects are slightly fake; the imagination is good, although many brain holes are illogical; there are many characters, The extras (2,000) are also very dedicated, with good expressions and difficult movements; the female protagonist in 2 is sometimes deified, she can turn clouds and rains to make waves, and sometimes she is weak and slaughtered by others; the male protagonist in 2 is sometimes invincible. It can go up to the sky, and it can subdue the beasts and giants. Even if there are countless injuries, it will not affect the combat effectiveness at all, but it is so easy to die. And it was too far-fetched for Katapa to kill him, and there were clearly many other options to keep the Queen Mother's hands from blood and Baahubali to be a threat.

The three important female characters are quite interesting: in 1 and 2, the heroines are heroines in their first appearances, with excellent martial arts skills, but when they are with the hero, they become clumsy and incompetent, and they all rely on the hero's protection and rescue. The empress dowager is neither selfish nor greedy for power, smashes coup plots, and establishes a sage as king, but just because the princess of the small country refuses to marry, it is cruel to fight against each other; Someone else took over the kingdom without noticing it... So is the film praising women or belittling women?

1 It took 4 years and cost 1.75 billion rupees (about 170 million yuan), 2 it took 5 years and cost 2.5 billion rupees (about 240 million yuan) to build a majestic palace and gorgeous set in real scenes, becoming the most expensive film in India so far. . Its cost is actually much lower than many Chinese blockbusters, but the visual effects are better than Chinese blockbusters of the same cost and higher cost. From this perspective, the Indian film industry is admirable.

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    Father and son two generations of physicists! The woman's heroic spirit alone has broken my heart.

  • Serenity 2022-04-24 07:01:13

    17.08.19 ★★★★ The second part, pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, is a good YY material used all over the world. It's too verbose, and it's a bit tiring to watch. It's too "epic" when fighting, epic = fairy tale = the hero is a god before he dies.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion quotes

  • Kattappa: Finally having the kingdom all to himself, Bhallaladeva's atrocities knew no bounds. Fuelled by his rage towards Devasena, he destroyed Kunthala kingdom. We all believed you to be dead son, but your grandmother sacrificed her own life to save yours. Your mother and motherland have been waiting for twenty-five years. Only for you, Mahendra.

  • Sivagami: Baahu, I have already promised Devasena to Bhalladeva in marriage.

    Devasena: Stop! Who are you to select a husband for me without my consent? Do you not know that a Kshatriya princess has the right to choose her own husband? Do you not have this much sense?

    Sivagami: How dare you raise your voice at Sivagami! Commander, arrest this arrogant woman and bring her to her knees!

    Setu Patti: As you wish Queen Mother!

    [Setu Patti and the other soldiers pull out their swords and advance towards Devasena. Baahubali pulls out his own sword and steps in front of her]

    Amarendra Baahubali: Anyone who lays a hand on Devasena might as well be touching Baahubali's sword.