Baahubali movie review

Kaya 2022-04-23 07:02:30

Different from the traditional Indian song and dance romance, this one starts from the first one, the plot to the lines and special effects are all great, the questions of the first one can be answered in the second one, the first one is beautiful, the second one Department looks better. The queen mother and princess in this film have the same status as men and can issue orders. Yizhi is the law. Generally speaking, Indian actresses are very beautiful. It is rare that they perform gracefully and luxuriously, with a kingly demeanor. Women can also dance. With a gun and a sword, you can decide your own marriage, which is a very idealized Indian political and social form that is different from the reality of India.

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Baahubali 2: The Conclusion quotes

  • Kattappa: Finally having the kingdom all to himself, Bhallaladeva's atrocities knew no bounds. Fuelled by his rage towards Devasena, he destroyed Kunthala kingdom. We all believed you to be dead son, but your grandmother sacrificed her own life to save yours. Your mother and motherland have been waiting for twenty-five years. Only for you, Mahendra.

  • Sivagami: Baahu, I have already promised Devasena to Bhalladeva in marriage.

    Devasena: Stop! Who are you to select a husband for me without my consent? Do you not know that a Kshatriya princess has the right to choose her own husband? Do you not have this much sense?

    Sivagami: How dare you raise your voice at Sivagami! Commander, arrest this arrogant woman and bring her to her knees!

    Setu Patti: As you wish Queen Mother!

    [Setu Patti and the other soldiers pull out their swords and advance towards Devasena. Baahubali pulls out his own sword and steps in front of her]

    Amarendra Baahubali: Anyone who lays a hand on Devasena might as well be touching Baahubali's sword.