A Brief History of WWII

Violet 2022-10-21 01:35:42

Germany is planning a war to gain world supremacy. It straps all the surrounding countries to its own chariot: France, Czechoslovakia, Poland...the gods. Of course most of them were sent to work as drudgery.
France is a relatively powerful country in Europe, and it is considered pure white. Some of the French took refuge in Germany, some retreated from Dunkirk.
They turned to America for help. America is a rich country and everyone has enough to eat. At first, the United States felt that the war was far away from them, but later they thought: No! I am the guardian! The order of the world has to be maintained by me! So they sent troops to attack him.
Although they suffered a blow to their self-esteem in Normandy, they successfully eliminated the Führer in the end.
America continues its life as the world's policeman...

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