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Jewel 2022-11-01 20:17:00

First of all, I am very sorry to be late for this viewing. . long time.
Because it is the first time to watch a movie for free
, it can also be said that it is the first time to watch a movie in Beijing. I
didn't know the schedule of the theater in time, so I
missed almost the first half of the episode
. . . Forgive me for the first time.

We started watching as General Gestad was teaching Celine how to fly in a storm. This reminds me of Gorky's Haiyan - shouting "Let the storm come more violently!" Sure enough, as soon as the storm was violent, Sailin was knocked down and almost fell into the water. With the help of the master, where did he fall? Where do you get up, start again, and you have an epiphany~
When General Gaishi is diving, including the fight scene of the owl group behind, the scenes are very handsome, epic. under the premise of face. So I want to say that if the animal in this film is an eagle, the effect may be better. In the impression of Chinese people, the owl is a bird that squatting on a branch with one eye closed and one eye closed, and even the mouth is too lazy to open. Of course, this is just a personal opinion. Since it is an adaptation, it is better to be faithful to the original work~
My fellow Douyou said that this film is a copy of The Lion King. I partially agree. This is also a story of young people growing up. Of course, I also partially agree. I agree that this film is the Lord of the Rings in the animal world. The grand scenes, the guarding of a piece of paradise, and the inheritance of fighting traditions seem to be closer to Norse mythology and the like.
Speaking of technical issues, maybe it's because of the gap in the theater equipment. Personally, I feel that the 3D effect is better this time. At least I didn't feel dizzy. When I watched Toy Story 3 a long time ago, I was so dizzy.
At the end of the film, it seems that there is a possibility of making the second or even the third part, let the owl come more violently~

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