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The film has enough attention-grabbing content, and certainly plenty of praiseworthy moments. Inheriting the excellent tradition of Hollywood animation, the picture is exquisite and beautiful, the story is simple and clear, suitable for audiences of all ages, and full of childlike interest. During the film's opening subtitles, two owls flew by, and a feather slid toward the audience, showing the charm of 3D technology, just for this, presumably the audience will think it's worth the ticket price, so it's been almost two weeks since it was released, and it still reaches 90 % of attendance.
But as a highly regarded film, it seems that it should be more than these. I think its storyline is what is really worthy of praise.
An intact family was kidnapped by the evil forces due to the playfulness of two little boys, one became a thug of the evil forces, and the other struggled to escape under the call of faith, finally found the light, and came back to destroy the evil forces. new hero. It seems that I have seen similar plots somewhere, at least this plot is not new; but such plots are less and less in the movies and TV around us now, especially in cartoons such as cartoons, which are mainly for children. Even more rare. I think that's what's really worth paying attention to.
This is a movie about a legend, legend, is a very good definition. Legend can be understood as the atypical part of tradition, but it is true, not fabricated; while deification is the content artificially sublimated on the basis of history. What Selin is trying to find is the legend in his heart. Although he didn't know whether he would find it or not at first, he never doubted the authenticity of this legend, and persistently searched for it. This is his belief. .
No matter what kind of society we are in, what is praised is often missing; it is precisely because of the absence that we yearn and praise. Since we were born, we don't know what belief is. Isn't each of us kidnapped by this society where money is shackled? But who can be persistent in faith and struggle to save the world in the end? That's what deserves to be celebrated in this movie. We are still like this, and what about the next generation? More children should come to see this film, let them know what is legend, what is faith, what is indelible faith in the heart.

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  • Nyra: We offer power and purpose. What can you offer us? What can you offer me?

    Kludd: I have a sister.

  • Gylfie: Let us go!

    Soren: She's right. Let us go!

    Nyra: Whas this? Tyto, don't waste your time. Don't soil your feathers.

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