cute animals against bloodlines

Jaqueline 2022-11-28 06:49:53

I just went to see this movie with my friends, and based on my experience, I chose the front and middle position. Generally speaking, watching 3D movies in this position is more comfortable, and you can fully enjoy the sense of space when the characters rush over from the screen or enter from outside the screen in the 3D effect.

Relatively simple plot. A happy owl family, parents, two brothers, one little sister, and a snake nanny. The greatest joy between brothers and sisters is to play the role of the owl guardian and fight against the forces of evil. The story that I thought was a legend turned out to be in reality.

An evil owl who believes in bloodlines has captured the two brothers to their lair. The elder brother was assimilated, and under the influence of this bloodline theory, he became an accomplice. The younger brother and his companions went to find a protector to rescue the little owls who were plundered and controlled by evil forces. After all the calamities, finally, justice triumphed over evil.

I thought there would be a lot of laughs, but foreigners should be very familiar with this aspect. There is, but not as much as I imagined. Compared to Ice Age 3 Flying House Adventures Shrek is still a lot worse. But it's still good, and the picture is still pretty good. The plot doesn't feel boring either.

In the past, my feelings for owls were limited to wild birds that were a little scary. After watching this film, I felt much closer.

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