"Owl Kingdom: Legend of the Guardians", how can elves be in the pool

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The owl is a very inconspicuous bird in nature. It's a character that is rarely seen in movies. I secretly thought that such an unpopular animal image could hardly become the darling of the big screen. But the release of "Legend of the Guardians" not only completely overturned his vulgar ideas, but also the shock of this 3D cartoon with an owl as the protagonist is not inferior to that of any blockbuster. It may be because my shock base is too sensitive, and it will trigger a sense of shock as soon as I touch it. Otherwise, the author thinks that a shocking movie must have its own unique and novel features. "Legend of the Guardian" is a sincere and unique film. Film.

I have to admit that the enjoyment of 3D vision is so exciting. The animated film "Legend of the Guardians" shows the aura of a visual feast against the backdrop of 3D effects. The audio-visual effects of the film have reached an unprecedented level of 3D animation after being processed by flexible motion 3D technology. Of course, if you only rely on 3D special effects to present the picture of the movie, you will not be able to conquer the audience. The film is based on the best-selling book "The Kingdom of the Owls," which provides a solid foundation for the film's script so that the storyline doesn't lose its quality. Furthermore, the unique animation character design shows a high level of production design. They are all ordinary creatures, but they all have their own characteristics under the unique design process. The appearance of colorful animated characters can always shock the audience with a different image.

Like many cartoons, the film "Legend of the Guardians" follows the traditional design process, using animal characters to combine human senses and thoughts, there are talking owls and other supporting animals, and it brings us an immersive experience. A fantastical adventure. The film "Legend of the Guardians" tells how a little owl grows from a childish and weak into a guardian of the gods in the owl race. Since the film is an animation theme, many people think that most of the time it is just a story for children. If you think so, you will definitely miss an excellent movie viewing journey. People of different ages can completely see what they want to see in the movie, whether it is the surging spiritual enjoyment brought by that wonderful journey, the magnificent scene intertwined with peace and war, or the featured protagonists again and again. A brave flight that hits the screen. "Legend of the Guardians" brings a refreshing feeling to the audience that must not be peeped.

The gorgeous and realistic battlefield presented by the three-dimensional picture, the smooth and exciting slow-motion switching is just right, the beautiful sunset, the violent storm, the smoke and fire, the perfect picture fully reflects the production team's ability to control the picture beyond the standard. The beautiful nature is presented to the audience one by one through the vision of owls. At the beginning of the film, the ancient and quiet jungle, the comfortable life of the owl family, and the playful owl dolls' relishing the ancient legends cut the theme. Then, through the extension of the film's plot, the film's characters appeared one by one, and the evil forces brought people into the dark abyss after the moment of saving the life, making people too late to breathe and stretched the trachea. When I saw the real grand exhibition, the scene of flying in the sky was actually brought out by the villain, but fortunately, the free and beautiful flying was staged again and again, which impacted the audience's wonderful viewing angle again and again. The thrill of riding the wind and soaring, the fate of riding the wind and the waves is on the line, the claws that splash and dash meet, the tough impact in the storm, and of course, the most beautiful visual impact of water droplets colliding with soft feathers makes people intoxicated. Although these perfect pictures are all virtual, through the high-quality conversion of special effects, the beautiful pictures on the big screen have high-quality visual effects, and the textured plot has also reached the depth it should have.

The fantasy adventure theme itself has a strong appeal. Through the novel screen and character design, the film makes this ordinary adventure story dazzling. Among them, the indispensable is the humanized outline of the animal world. The vivid and lively natural creatures show a clear view of human nature, warm family affection, lofty ambitions, brave face of difficulties, innocence, kindness... These kinds of humanistic concepts are endowed on the vivid flying body. An inspirational adventure journey is moving, a free soaring high in the sky is refreshing, and a hearty claw battle is exciting. The success of the film is often based on a stable story platform, with fantastic innovative ideas and steady production.

Personally, I think that the film is slightly deficient in two points. One is that the snake nanny disappears at the end. It would be more perfect if there was a close-up of this distinctive snake nanny at the end. Also, although the battle scene at the end is spectacular and dazzling, the scene is too small, and at the end, the full-scale battlefield is suddenly converted into a duel, which seems too monotonous. If the magnificent battlefield and the fierce duel are combined to convert the shots , that would be a flawless ending. However, many times, after enjoying the scene, you are basically immersed in the perfect texture of the battlefield picture, and the weak production of flaws can no longer affect the overall film.

"Legend of the Guardians" is a masterpiece that focuses on the texture of the design screen without forgetting the sincerity of the story frame, and gets rid of the usual one-sided production concept. As we all know, a successful movie is to impress the audience, and the fantasy adventure and inspirational plot brought by the movie "Legend of the Guardians" is enough to make people unable to hold back the excitement. The magnificent and magnificent texture picture, the vivid natural ecology, and the vibrant natural creatures make people cherish and love. These are enough to see that this "Owl Kingdom: Guardian Saga" is a successful movie. The "unfinished" hinted at at the end of the film also made people buried a keen expectation.

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