I am a good guy and my brother is a bad guy.

Linnea 2022-11-06 09:57:47

how to say. Originally, I thought that all foreign cartoons should be pretty good. There is always some innocence, some humor, a little warmth, and in the end, there is always a touch of enlightenment after those touching. This is the real education.
A lot of people have said that this film is childish, but I don't think it's suitable for too young children to watch. What can this film tell them? I looked at it and felt quite heavy and dark. The brothers turned against each other, the master died tragically, and he became a young hero. The plot is actually quite a gimmick, but I always feel that there is no warmth in it, including the two owls who are usually playful and humorous, and also feel a little crazy and silly knight. I always feel that there are too many dark places in the film.
So what's ok, is the effect. Those classics of feathers tumbling in the air with water droplets will definitely get everyone in the theater excited.

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Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole quotes

  • Nyra: We offer power and purpose. What can you offer us? What can you offer me?

    Kludd: I have a sister.

  • Gylfie: Let us go!

    Soren: She's right. Let us go!

    Nyra: Whas this? Tyto, don't waste your time. Don't soil your feathers.

    Soren: You leave her be.

    Nyra: Oh, spirited little Tyto. How touching. You and your patch of felt will stay together, then. As pickers. Les go. Hurry up. Perhaps when you remember your nobility, Tyto, we can make a soldier of you.