Unrivaled owl action movie

Kadin 2022-09-05 16:07:39

I never thought that the fight of owls could have so much fancy, the disadvantage is that the action design is still too little, and like "300", too much slow motion is used, which makes people have a feeling of deliberately filling the time with slow motion. Editing became a problem, and it was not clear which part was the focus.
Although the whole article is to learn the Middle-earth world of "The Lord of the Rings", it does not go beyond the editing. The final battle is the key point in the focus, but it is not narrated with a large scene and a large space. Let the audience have a feeling of unfinished business.
It's the director's question
. Applaud the animators.
The stunning motion design is
beyond imagination
, and the feathers and owls move so
. The highlight of the film is fully credited to them.

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