Where there are people, there is conflict

Daphnee 2022-12-22 17:42:51

The Owl Kingdom is a microcosm of human society. Even brothers, they will go against each other in the choice between righteousness and evil. There are those who are loyal to justice, and there are those who succumb to power and intimidation.

Don't use too harsh eyes to comment on this film. The first thing to admit is that there is currently no film in China that can't make this effect, whether it is plot or animation technology. The second thing to say is that this is a very powerful educational film. Like the "Lion King" of the year, it gives people a positive feeling, and children will not find it boring to watch.

No spoilers, I just want to say: as long as you bravely uphold the justice in your heart, you are a hero. It doesn't matter whether a hero is big or small, the meaning of life is left to one's own assessment.

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