"Fly inside." Fly in a dream

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There were not many people when they entered the venue, and almost all of the 3D movies with more than 20 knives were little friends and their guardians.

At the beginning, the hot-blooded teenager Soren was fascinated by the heroic stories told by his father, firmly believed in the existence of owl guardians, and dreamed of being one of them one day. Soren's older brother Kludd hates this younger brother who is loved by adults because of his young age. He thinks that he is too naive. There is no such thing as a guardian, and only power and power are the last word.
Later, the brothers fell off a tree while learning to fly and were captured by evil owls and brought back to their base camp. These evil fellows call themselves pure-bloods, the pure ones. During the transformation, the elder brother Kludd was tempted to follow the bad guys. Sorren, the protagonist of justice, took the opportunity to escape and found the holy tree and the owl guardians who lived there with his friends. They fought hard, little Sorren and his companions went from a flightless baby bird to a warrior who mastered the true meaning of flight. Although the process of growing up was difficult, they had only one goal, to defeat the evil pureblood, Save the owls at stake.
At the end of the story, Sorren defeated Kludd, and the poor brother died in the raging fire. And Sorren is the next owl guardian because of his combat success. The forest is at peace again.

The story is simple, you see the beginning and guess the end. So this should have been a three-star movie, and it's not too bad. After all, the investment, director, lineup, dubbing, and dubbing are still very strong. But anyway, it is better than the beautiful picture, cute shape and good music. When Sorren was learning to fly, his instructor told him to "fly inside" and feel flying with his heart. In the torrential rain, strong wind and flames, the little owl closed its eyes like Ximen blowing snow, integrated with the airflow and the environment, no longer felt obstacles and terror, and finally mastered the true meaning of flying. This scene has a feeling of "he is stronger than he is, and the breeze blows the hills; he crosses over him, and the bright moon illuminates the river", which coincides with some of the essence of Chinese martial arts. Coupled with the beautiful special effects and the exquisite picture production, the lines on each feather can be clearly seen, which can be regarded as a visual feast. After that, when the music of owl city sounded, it sublimated with a bang. It is indeed a simple and beautiful masterpiece.

Of course, in terms of visual effects, we can't help but mention that cute little hair. Sorren's lovely red-eyed sister, still fluffy all over. There is also the uncle bard who sings out of tune, the nanny snake with big nerves, the bad queen who is arrogant and coquettish... The personality is distinct and the image is full.

In the case of comfortable viewing, it is really hard to talk about the flaw of the lack of plot. Since the audience must take into account the situation of little friends, any violent pictures are not allowed, so even the director of a war has to find ways to give people hints to make the picture appear more real without wounds. Including sharp steel claws, blades, fighting images, silhouettes, montages... Even when the last boss was killed, he was only given a back that looked like a burning wooden stick in his chest. With more restrictions, many plots cannot be unfolded, and the touching atmosphere cannot be brought out.

Another reason for choosing the owl theme for 3D should be the bird's-eye perspective and sense of space (plus the owl itself has a very anthropomorphic face). But when flying or something, beauty is beautiful, but it cannot be regarded as an avatar. The flying scene in Avatar believes that many people will think in their hearts 'If only I could fly too' when watching it, so free and happy. The flying here is not a roller coaster like that, it seems more like a cable car or a Ferris wheel, just look at the scenery.

In a traditional fairy tale, I don't care how awesome the director, the dubbing, or how awesome the characters are. You made me wait from coming soon in last year's trailer until today. If you don't give me a perfect answer, I'm just not happy!

Finally, I would like to say sincerely, Owl Guardian, suitable for dating, relaxation, and family travel with a wife and children; please be careful if you go to a good movie with your friends, and the download at home is neither 3D nor high-definition, then forget it. Bar.

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