Legend of the Guardians: The King's Road to Picture Winning

Reinhold 2022-11-27 13:19:09

After watching "Owl Kingdom: The Guardian Saga", I almost walked out of the movie theater with a grin, and I was amazed by the impeccable picture perfection. Director Zack Snyder presented the audience with a veritable visual feast. For a PG children's film, it is suitable for all ages. As an adult, you can completely ignore the plot, and you can still be unsatisfied. As he elaborates, this is a gift for children in itself, and there is not much esoteric philosophy in it. Instead, it is an unpretentious overall trend, an easy-to-understand but not boring true meaning of life. This is a well-established entertainment and educational animation work. In contrast, the domestic animation industry, which is waiting for development, can still work hard to achieve this level. Of course, having said that, in terms of screen special effects, within a few years, it still can't be compared.

Cameron's "Avatar" pioneered the use of 3D technology in the film industry, and the unattainable box office revenue made everyone jealous. "Pseudo 3D" is the so-called existence, the so-called non-existence, in fact, there is no "little three" in this world, there are more directors who want to make money, and they become "little three". The act of cheating money from "Little Two" to "Little Three" is outrageous. The most three-dimensional pseudo-3D subtitles similar to "Battle of the Gods" are too numerous to mention. In order to increase the ticket price, the original picture effect is sacrificed, which is really disgusting. The animation masterpiece "How to Train Your Dragon" in the middle of the year, its 3D effect is obvious to the audience, praised by the audience, and matched with a smooth and warm plot, it is undoubtedly the strongest contender for the Oscar for best animation. And this "Legend of the Guardians", although it does not have a good Olympic bid, it undoubtedly shows the world that it is the kingly way to win with the most beautiful pictures.

Throughout the works directed by director Zach Snyder, all of them reveal his solid skills and solid foundation for controlling the picture of the film. "300 Warriors", which movie fans are talking about, is breathtaking with its very feminine and textured pictures. Delicately deconstructing each battle scene, whether it is wielding the spear of fate or the blood splattered on the screen in an instant, it uses slow motion appropriately to express its accumulated and vigorous atmosphere. More than resonance, it should be shocking. The shots in "Watchmen" are often more complicated. Rorschach's mask detachment effect, Dr. Manhattan's azure body, and the splendid scene of the surface of Mars are all projected on the screen in great detail. Zach Snyder's keenness and strictness in the sense of the camera make many directors who blindly pursue timeliness and maximize profits feel ashamed. Until today's "Legend of the Guardians", the 3D effect is realistic and needless to say. The deeper key lies in the highlighting of the overall artistic conception of the picture. Simple 3D stereo vision does not seem to be able to interpret the aesthetics of the work. Instead, more detailed bits and pieces are implanted in the familiar slow motion. For example, the soft owl feathers falling slowly, the downpour of lightning and thunder, the burning forest with sparks, and the silky smooth crystals. Generally speaking, it is the plot line of the movie that can deeply tug at the heartstrings of the audience, and this time, the credit is entirely due to a series of pictures that are so perfect that they cannot be added.

It should be said that "Legend of the Guardians" does not have many ambitions, because it describes to the audience a very ordinary inspirational adventure story, and there are many popcorn elements in it. It is very common for brothers to have different ways, do not conspire with each other, and go their separate ways; it is very common for "talkers" to meet halfway, and they are responsible for laughing while making soy sauce; it is very common for legends to change from fairy tales to reality, and they themselves become another legend, which is also very common; Although the situation is outnumbered, the evil is outnumbered by the good, which is more common. Looking at the whole story, there is nothing surprising or unconventional about the plot. Mixing all the appropriate and tepid elements into one, the overall tone is very moderate, which is also one of the shortcomings of the film. Second, the battle between justice and evil at the end was not handled very well. The number of owls on the righteous side was only a handful, and there were some who were "reckless"; on the other hand, the evil side was numerous and well-trained, occupying favorable terrain. Looking forward to the stars and the moon, the war is about to break out. I didn't want to, but switched to two small-scale battles and ended up, which was quite unsatisfactory and ineffective. Top-heavy situation, a bit sorry for the nickname of "The Lord of the Rings".

Every frame of "Legend of the Guardians" embodies the director's intentions and sincerity. Its success seems to illustrate a truth to people: "The soundtrack is valuable, but the plot is more expensive. If it is for the picture, both can be thrown away."

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