Let's meet owls

Annie 2022-09-21 12:52:26

Owls have a mysterious magic. During the daytime, he hides on a tall tree trunk to rest, occasionally opening his eyes to reveal his dark pupils. And at night they coo out of sight, announcing the start of their night patrol.

The Japanese pronunciation of owl is the same as "not toil", so the Japanese regard the owl as a symbol of good luck. Sleeping during the day, entertaining at night, and shouting "no hard work" every day. . . . . . . . . This is one of the reasons why I love owls so much.

I have had only a handful of close encounters with owls. The first impression was very deep. An injured little owl was going to be sent to the rescue center and passed by our office on the way. I opened the cardboard box and saw a pair of big round black eyes, this is a small vertical striped owl with broken wings, it is destined to be euthanized, it will not survive the night.

Later, I went to the Temple of Heaven to use binoculars to visit the long-eared owls that came to spend the winter. They squatted on the trunk of the tree. not open. Half a month later, a long-eared owl that had never opened its eyes was found dead on the ground. It is presumed that they ate the rats in the park, and the rats in the park ate rat poison......
Later, it was in Yuanmingyuan again. At the end of winter, I wandered into a grove by myself. , Suddenly a big bird appeared silently, its flat wings swept past me and flew to the center of the lake, driving a stream of air. Maybe I disturbed an owl that was going to bed.

Speaking of "The Owl Kingdom" I just watched today, this is an owl science film wrapped in a magical story! I believe that many parents who take their children there will be asked what are "gizzards" and "tuyu"? Of course, you may also be asked "Do owls wear helmets?". The various owls in it are very realistic, and it is estimated that it will also drive a wave of cognition about owls. So, what beautiful and cute owls are there?

The first is the protagonist, the barn owl family, also known as the monkey-faced eagle. The body is elegant, the face is beautiful, and the white feathers when flying are like carrying moonlight. Especially the moment when it rises from the flames, (though owls hate flames). . . . . . Anyway, just watch the movie.

Then there is the "elf owl", Ji owl, who was caught together. It is said to be the smallest owl in the world, only the size of a sparrow. So what can it eat? Can you only hunt grasshoppers and cockroaches?

Then there is another little friend, Burrowing Owl. He is talkative and active, always jumping around with his head tilted, looking left and right full of curiosity, he is not at all reserved and calm like a raptor, and he lives in In the cave decorated with excrement, the body of the owl is really the life of the sparrow. Similar to the little owl with vertical stripes in Beijing, they can often be seen near the community, with big ignorant eyes, jumping up and down to look at all kinds of humans.

Another companion who seems to be a big fool is the Great Grey Owl. Huge body, plumage, round face and embarrassing eyes.

Later, they came to Gahool, and the king and queen were a very cool pair of snowy owls. This owl has also made a splash in Harry Potter.

The Great General (retired and half disabled) is a medium-sized horned owl that often blinks an eye.

Taking them on a tour is a beautiful female grass owl

. . . . . . There are also many horned owls, eagle owls, and long-eared owls. . . . . . Go to the cinema and look for it.

Also, if given a choice, I'd really like to see the 2D version, I'm dazzled in 3D

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