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Jaren 2022-10-04 09:48:14

When I picked up a mouthful of saliva from the trash can, I found that this sentence is still very reliable:

if you want to end everyone's prejudice against 3D movies, you have to experience the incomparably exquisite fantasy shock. , let's start with this "Owl Kingdom: The Legend of the Guardians"~

If it weren't for the plot and sensationalism and hypocrisy, I should give 5 stars.

You can see that the author of this spicy comment is also quite shrewd. People just tell you that it is fantastic and shocking, and he never mentions it. Zack is obviously addicted to making epic films. In order to match the taste of the main theme, he also has to add some personal heroism, family, friendship, justice and courage, coupled with the desolation of the sunset, the fierce storm, and the strangeness of the dark earth, from time to time on the screen With the firm and melancholy eyes of the two male protagonists, OK, an epic hodgepodge of fast food came down the assembly line again.

The root of American Puritan thought inevitably produced heroic complex. The proliferation of heroic complexes gave rise to Western films. Then there are epic chapters of grand narrative, wars, beauties, nations, heroes. Looking back at The Lion King and The Prince of Egypt, who can tell me what else the so-called epic cartoons left behind in addition to sensationalism and hypocrisy?

Epic doesn't just mean war and heroes. Although it can be unsatisfactory as a condiment recognized by many people, it will be boring if you eat too much. Brothers are always betrayed at every turn, cannibalism, and after bullying the weak, the weak seek to be strong and finally justice defeats evil. If you repeat too much, you will get tired, and if you are tired, it will become a heavy mouth. For example, now there is gutter oil everywhere, and when you go home to eat, you feel that the oil has been diluted.

Many people commented that the problem is that the plot is too weak. A weak plot is a problem, but setting an overly grand and majestic framework to narrate the story, if the filler is not rich enough, is it because there are too few strange materials, or is the shelf too empty?

Or I'd rather believe that the 3D polishing took so much time that the story's foreshadowing lacked the care and attention it deserved. Taking care of one thing and another, Anyway, who cares, anyway, the earth priority reward did not deceive me, the 3D pleasure brought to me by this film is much more direct than "Avatar".

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