(November 30, 2010)

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(November 30, 2010) Zack Snyder's films have always been surprising, and the remake of "Dawn of the Living Dead" was amazing "a zombie movie can be done this way" and set box office records for the genre (later by "Zombie"). Land"), the killing scenes in "300" are admired and imitated by many latecomers. As for "Watchmen", which has mixed reviews, it will take time to prove its value. In short, I have watched so many Zack Snyder movies. , sighed how easy this person is between personality characteristics and commercial box office, mainstream and alternative, now, the protagonists this time are the owls who have never been treated like this.
Under the much-anticipated expectation of "Zhu Bian Cai Zi", "Owl Kingdom: The Legend of the Guardians" was the first to debut. Earlier, I always regarded it as a small test before the screening of "Z Zhu Bian Cai Zi", until it cooperated with Kings & Queens ( 30 Seconds To Mars' hit), seeing the flying pictures in those trailers, it was really full of aura, so I had to treat it carefully and bought a 3D ticket for the cinema.
The 3D effect of the film does not need to be repeated. The light and dexterous flying pictures and magnificent scenery throughout the film are not as gorgeous as "Avatar" as advocated by so-and-so before. Although they are the strengths of 3D films, they have actually Many people regained their confidence in the term 3D, and the three-dimensional sense that was plagued by pseudo-3D like "Gods" was finally able to receive applause on the big screen. People have the illusion of deja vu - walking into the Holy Land of Middle-earth in "The Lord of the Rings", or the magnificent Pandora in "Avatar". Packaging has always been Zack Snyder's strong suit. What about storytelling?
I vaguely remember that the film's score on Rotten Tomatoes seems to be not high, which is really embarrassing - if it is positioned as a children's animation, it is really not "naive" enough. If it is an adult animation, the story is still bland. Pixar forcibly raised the banner of "good technology and good storytelling". And the only thing that is most intriguing is the incisive characteristics of each character. After all, it was the first time I saw so many owls in an animation, and it was no longer the "big-eyed" imaginary. The imagination of the main creators is worth it Appreciate the dexterity of the birds as To The Sky contributed by Owl City.
Of course, the best animation this year is still "Toys 3".

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