love can transcend everything

Alysson 2022-04-19 09:02:10

It's a really good movie, and it's the most emotional and heartwarming movie I've seen this year.
The theme is positive, the plot is sensational, the pictures are beautiful, and the actors are also great, highly recommended! ! !
As a whole, in a modern society that is surrounded by all kinds of news, such as touching porcelain, liars, scolding and beating at every disagreement, and blackmailing the elderly, seeing such a pure and beautiful film is really heartwarming, very healing, and I feel The feeling of being purified both physically and mentally.

The plot of this film is actually very simple. It tells the story of a little girl from Pakistan who has dysphonia since she was a child and cannot speak. Her mother took her to pray at a temple in India, but unfortunately the little girl was separated from her family and met the male protagonist. , the male protagonist tried various methods to help the little girl go home, and finally decided to send the little girl home in person... A simple plot, but it contains a profound theme. This movie depicts the perfect and beautiful side of human nature, perfect It expresses the theme of truth, goodness and beauty, and even after watching the whole film, I think I believe in human nature again!
It is really a film that conveys positive energy. This film brings us something that modern people lack, such as kindness, innocence, and honesty. The reason why people are brought to tears after watching it is that the screenwriter is very emotional, but watching the film The reason why the reader is moved is that he is moved by the sincere feelings in it.
The male protagonist in the film is a man who believes in the monkey god. He is called the monkey god because he is too religious to stop and pray when he sees a monkey. He is a very stubborn person. , or doing sneaky things. At the beginning, this kind of behavior of the male protagonist makes people feel stupid and thinks he is stupid, but as the whole film goes down, you have to admire this man. Commitment and honesty are becoming more and more disrespectful, so I can be more moved by the honesty, kindness and persistence of the male protagonist.
The religious viewpoints brought by the film are also very interesting. I have seen films such as the Indian films "pk" and "Oudi God" in which I criticized my own religious system. When I look at this film again, I feel very different. It shows the good side of religion. The male protagonist always says that I believe in God Rama, so I will never do sneaky things. It is because of belief in religion that he can face the world so honestly. Later, the male protagonist met the priest of the mosque in Pakistan. Although they believed in different religions, they all had a beautiful and kind heart. The priest smiled and said: "We welcome everyone, so the mosque never locks the door, please come in. Bar!". In the temple that is said to bring miracles, countless people come to this temple to pray. It brought a turning point for the protagonist and his party, as if God really brought a miracle to them.
At first, the male protagonist saw the little girl praying in the mosque, and even said that she deceived us, she is a Muslim! And he was extremely resistant to entering the mosque, but as time went on, the male protagonist realized that religion is essentially about persuading people to be kind, all to discover the truth, goodness and beauty in human nature. He can even listen to Muslims in the mosque. The song was in tears, and even prayed in the mosque, maybe at this time he found that religions are essentially the same, and finally the male protagonist who returned to his own country made a Muslim etiquette to the people of Pakistan...
The film even When it comes to the relationship between India and Pakistan, it is well known that India and Pakistan have always been very hostile to each other, and the two countries hate each other. At first, when the husband of the male protagonist found out that the little girl was actually a Muslim, he immediately asked the male protagonist to send the little girl away. When the male protagonist took the little girl to the Pakistani embassy, ​​there was even an incident where the Indians stormed the embassy. The male protagonist was even arrested as a spy in Pakistan, which showed the tension between the two countries, but in the end the movie is at the end. But it drew a happy ending for the two countries. The people of the two countries were moved by the monkey god and let go of their hatred. Although the expression here is very ideal, it is very touching. Hatred and love, after all, it is love that influences hatred and condones. We have different beliefs, different countries, and different customs, but we are all the same people, all kind people.
In addition to the idealized male protagonist in this film, there are all kinds of kind passers-by, the Pakistani border guards who were moved by the male protagonist's persistence and let him go, the reporters who have been helping the male protagonist, and even on the bus on the road. The conductors and bus passengers they encountered also gave their strengths, the priests of the mosque... In the end, even the policeman who arrested the male protagonist said: "I have always worked hard for the safety and honor of my country, but if I let this man To spend the rest of my life in a Pakistani prison, I think this is a shame for our country!" It also shows that although there are evil people in this world who try to sell little girls in a travel agency, kindness is the quality that most people possess. .

Many of the scenes in the movie are very beautiful, the deserts on the border, the beautiful and primitive mountains, the majestic snow-capped mountains and grasslands, the free-flying white pigeons in the mosque, and even the religious dance performed by the male protagonist is very good.
The songs and dances in the movie are actually pretty good. Personally, I don't really like the song about chickens sung by the heroine and the heroine to make the little girl laugh. The song and dance about the Monkey God that the Lord first appeared on was actually quite good, the dance and tune were good, the picture was grand, and the lyrics explained the teachings of the Monkey God simply and clearly, "Glory to God Hanuman, crushed The bones of the enemy... embrace everyone you meet... I am a mortal person with a simple and pure heart, you can't find anyone like me, whether it is China or the moon... I never make high demands, never Boasting and cheating, my world is free and happy, and everyone sees it..." Although I want to say what the hell is the selfie in the lyrics, it's actually quite fun and has a modern feel.
I personally love the song they sang in the mosque in the temple in Pakistan later, the tune is nice and the lyrics are nice, "Fulfill my prayer, Allah, I don't want to go back without success! My eyes Full of tears, my heart is full of grief... Prophet! Look what I have gone through on the long road to find you? I am full of expectations and come here after all the hardships, Prophet! Please soothe my heart , please bless me mercifully, until you respond to my request, I will never leave your temple! You understand the desire in my heart, you have counted my heartbeat silently, my sigh will float on the moon, you The stars of my life will answer my prayers. Prophet! One day that grace will come..." The picture and the lyrics are also very well matched. Tears, the male protagonist listened to the song and left tears in the crowd. Didn't the male protagonist and the little girl's mother come here with high expectations? And it was here that brought them an opportunity. Did God also hear their prayers and answer them?
As far as the actors are concerned, the male lead is very good, the little girl is so cute, she has big eyes that can talk, she is very cute! My mother also acted very sincerely. I shed tears unconsciously when I saw the picture of the little girl hugging her mother. It's really great~~~

It's really a great movie, a good movie of the year, a movie with tears in laughter ~
Not much to say, I'm going to the second brush! ! !

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    A Muslim girl from Pakistan and a Hindu uncle from India, a transnational "Central Station", interspersed with countries, religions, castes, and ethnic groups. In the end, the uncle gave Muslim salutes, and the girls gave Hindu salutes, marking a line on the India-Pakistan border. period.

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