Humanity is eternal

Berneice 2022-04-19 09:02:10

This is the best movie I've seen in the last two or three years, bar none. I burst into tears several times during the viewing process. It is not that the film is sensational, but that after watching it, there is really a kind of touching and respect from the heart. The film contains caste segregation, ethnic conflict, national security, belief conflict and many other themes that are difficult to reach in general films, but the ultimate return is the pursuit of human nature and love.

India's caste system has a long history, and the gap between different religious beliefs is also frozen, and the conflict between India and Pakistan is a political minefield. In front of the love between them, they are all secondary. Because the belief and pursuit of love is the common characteristic of all mankind, it is the most beautiful human nature, and nothing can stop it. The love in the film is not the love between couples, but the simplest kind of love between people. This kind of love does not have the influence of biological nature, it is completely out of human nature, and it is the purest and most touching.

Monkey God is a 100% devout Hanuman believer. His encounter with Shahida put him in a difficult situation many times and challenged the bottom line of many of his religious beliefs, so he also struggled and tried to give up, but in the end The love in his heart out of human nature made him choose to respect and insist on his inner love, and he did not hesitate to break his own bottom line, step into an Islamic mosque, and pretend to be a Pakistani woman. Along the way, the constant is his sincere lover and helping others.

Religions, nations, and countries are always inherently exclusive, and they all regard other people and groups as aliens and enemies for their own so-called interests. "There are no permanent friends, only permanent interests", Churchill's famous saying has educated generations after generations, but when we return to human nature, we will surely find that the love between people should be the true nature of human nature. It is because in too many times that we only care about our own interests, we gradually have various rules and regulations to protect ourselves, and at the same time keep out the love of others.

At the end of the film, little Shahida shouted "Long live Lord Rama", but I think she was still a devout Muslim after she went back; the monkey god prayed in the Shah Temple, but he was still God Hanuman when he returned home Proud believers; Pawan was smuggled from India to Pakistan, but he must be a proud citizen of India after he returned. Because in the face of love, in the face of sincere humanity, everything else is secondary.

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  • Elyssa 2021-12-20 08:01:10

    Too beautiful! The song is also nice! I cried several times, it's so touching

  • Eddie 2021-12-20 08:01:10

    1. The setting of the opening of the story is still biased towards tragedy. It wasn't until Little Lori met Uncle Monkey God that the comedy mode was turned on,... I saw my "tragedy and joy"; 2. Goodbye to Pia of "Three Stupid", just now Rasika has become more "fuller"; 3. The landscape photography is too beautiful, and the picture of Shahida running on the hillside instantly thinks of "Girls in the Alps"; 4. The final part of the narrative praise (plus ★), directly related to the theme of seeking relatives Sublimated to ethnic contradictions!